Strictly Data Aggregation: Effects of Soylent on Psychological Illnesses/Disorders


Hi Folks,
I have been using Soylent for two to three weeks now for 50-75% of my meals. One of the things that attracted me to Soylent was the possibility that better nutrition would affect positively my mood. I have childhood onset OCD, depressive episodes, and ADD - and while they are fairly well managed, I still know I’m operating below my potential.
I created this thread in hopes that others who struggle with various forms of mental illness/disorder would be willing to share their experience with Soylent. In order to make this thread usable for data aggregation and analysis purposes I’d like to ask everyone to follow these rules:

  1. Only post once in the thread. Share whatever you are comfortable with sharing regarding your mental disorder and the effect of Soylent on it.
  2. If you want to discuss anything said in a post, branch it off into a new conversation.
  3. When you have new/updated observations regarding your cognitive health’s relationship to Soylent, edit your original post to include the new information rather than adding a new post.
  4. Alternatively, copy the information from your original post, past it into a new post, update it with your new information and post it and then delete your old post - so there is still a total of one post per person.
  5. If you do any data analysis and want to share it please either branch a new thread or alternatively, provide me with the data analysis and I will add it to a single data analysis post which will aggregate over time (with appropriate credit to each individual, of course).


Disorders: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), dysthymia (low-level depression), ADD (w/out hyperactive component)
Medications: 60 mg Prozac, 300 mg Wellbutrin, 20 mg Adderall XR.
Supplements: 2x Coromega Omega3 packets (2000 mg fish oil total, 650 mg long chain omega-3 fatty acids, 350 mg EPA, 230 mg DHA)

9/22/14: Last week I had a rough time of it for a while. I had consumed a good amount of sweets and grain based products over the weekend with less Soylent intake, wondering if that was the cause of the issue. Things have balanced out, around 50% Soylent.

9/13/14: I am 2-3 weeks into consuming Soylent for 50-75% of my meals. I have not noticed a significant change in my affect which I can directly correlate to Soylent. I have undergone some recent stressors and my mood has become slightly more depressed but I believe this is the effect of stressors rather than Soylent.


Disorder: ADHD

Medications: N/A

Supplements: previously, green source from Puritan’s pride. Now just Soylent.

Since increasing intake of omega 3s, my ability to focus has increased drastically. I have far more focus and drive than I did before.

My experience


Disorder: Major Depression

Medications: 300 mg Wellbutrin XL & 20 mg Prozac

Supplements: previously One-A-Day Women’s, now just soylent

9/14/2014: Until a few months ago I was on Wellbutrin and Cymbalta and was having serious issues functioning. Since switching the Cymbalta to Prozac in May things have been much better. I haven’t noticed any significant changes since starting soylent, but I haven’t been consuming soylent for very long (started Justin Fuel at the end of July for about 3 weeks then ran out before starting on Schmoylent about a week and a half ago). Consuming it 60-75% with a couple of 100% days.


Disorder: Dysthymia, ADD, Anxiety

Medications: Vyvanse 40mg, Clonezapam 0.25mg (currently as needed only). Will be changing out Vyvanse for Concerta 18mg to see if it maintains benefits while reducing side affects profile.

Supplements: None. Have not started Soylent yet.

10/29/2014: Not currently on Soylent. Still, this will be useful as a control for when I do start it, which I anticipate will be soon. Will likely start on Schmoylent due to availability.


Disorder: ADD (being a piscean is also contributing to it maybe :)), OCD, melancholic depression, aspergers( i blame it on the damn double-dose typhoid vaccines that made it full blown, some asperger symptoms if not syndromes run in my family already)

Medications: I took all kinds of anti-depressants and although they reduced my ‘sadness’ level havent cured my anhedonia and apathy.

Supplements: I dont use supplements for my psychological issues. But Vit A that i took to my improve vision improved my irritability.

Waiting for soylent to fix me.