Stringy, cobweb soylent texture-- but not from bugs

Hi there,

My partner has had a subscription to Soylent from the beginning. We were accidentally shipped extra 1.4 that we hadn’t ordered, and it’s been sitting around for six months, until now.

As I prepared a batch of six month old 1.4 yesterday, I noticed something really strange about the dry soylent texture. The powder was forming cobweb like strings. These looked EXACTLY like the strings that appear in dry foods when small moths lay eggs in them, so I immediately checked the packaging. There were no holes or signs that bugs had gotten in. I inspected the soylent powder, and couldn’t find any bugs or larvae.

I ended up making the batch. I was wondering if this was a natural phenomena for 1.4, as the lipids are integrated into the powder, and maybe make chains. If this is a sign that it’s spoiled, however, I don’t want to eat it.

This isn’t the greatest picture, and doesn’t capture the effect-- the strings sway around just like cobwebs! But you can see the strings there inside the package.

Has anyone else seen this before? Is this safe to drink?

Thank you for reading!

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I am pretty sure it is because of the lipids. I haven’t seen that before, but… It seems like the logical conclusion that the lipids have “pulled together” over time.

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@conor is one of Rosa Labs’ customer-facing carbon units. Perhaps he will investigate this for you.

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It’d be great if @conor could shine some light! It was very striking, and a little gross looking. Smell was a little funny too, but not metallic or fishy in my opinion.

From your photo, it appears as if there are areas of brown to brown-yellow coloration in the webs. Did you also observe that?

That seems really odd, could you provide me with your order number, order email and a picture of the lot number on the bag?

I’ll have to get the order number and order email from my partner, but here is a picture of the lot number.

There was a little coloration, but that’s also the lighting. The webs are primarily the standard chalky color, but there are little yellow flecks stuck in them… they almost look like tiny pieces of cornflakes.