Study: aggressive blood-pressure reduction cuts death, heart problems

Aggressive blood-pressure reduction cuts death, heart problems: study.


Specifically they found that people with hypertension get significantly better outcomes by reducing systolic blood pressure to 120 instead of 140.

This makes sense of course, as 120 systolic is considered the upper bound of normal blood pressure. It’s more like the real scientific finding was that reducing blood pressure of hypertensives to 140 was not the best target, and that a consensus for healthy BP might now be formed based on this large-scale study.

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This is the key here. Lowering it to ‘‘120’’ reduced death/death risks. Generally some people assume the lower the blood pressure the better. To them…its not!

It should be 120, not higher… and not any lower.

also it’s good to not be fat.

that’s a tip from me, dr. steve brule. for your health!

Thank you Dr.brule.

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