Study shows that carb splitting during the day may make you hungrier


Has anyone seen this interesting study?

This is for all who are splitting their drinks into 3-5-6 per day. It could be that eating it that way is actually making you hungrier.



Interesting. Like everything, this will vary by individual. I’m more of a steady sipper of my own recipe and don’t consume it as “meals” at preset times. I make it through most days without ever feeling hungry at all. I can sense when I’m going to start feeling hungry (pre-hungry) and consume a bit more. It’s a slow trickle for me.


You need to notice that there are different kind of carb sources.

carb sources with an high glycemic index (GI) are sources where the sugars goes fast into the bloodstream, and have a short life there. in that case you would need to eat 5 or more small meals a day, to keep blood sugar in range. If you don’t then you would have too much sugar in the bloodstream making you tired after the meal, and too less sugar - and therefore food cravings - several hours after.

If you use carb sources with an low GI (sugars are bound in the food), the sugar takes long to go into the bloodstream and stays in range for a much longer time, since your stomach is processing it gradually. This reduces food craves, the need of more than two meals, and boots energy.


Yes I am aware of the different carb sources.

But this study was showing the effects of carbs at a particular time of day not the effects of different carbs.

It also theorised that eating carbs a number of times earlier in the day actually created hunger as in, you were expecting your “carb hit” at X time and therefore began to crave or get hungry at the expected time.

Obviously it is not a conclusive study but it is quite interesting and I look forward to further studies.


I’m the same as bigepidemic… drink during the day and never feel hungry.

I also found that when on my previous diet i would get the normal 10am and 3pm cravings but when on Soylent for a week i wouldnt. When i come off soylent to test some dietary concerns… i found I didnt get the 10am or 3pm cravings even when on normal food. It took about 2-3 days on normal food before they started to come back.


The study basically seems to mimic low-carb eating during the day. Low-carb has been proven to reduce hunger cravings and also improves your blood sugars and cholesterols etc, so this only makes sense - so it’s not really that surprising in that aspect to anyone who’s familiar with the benefits of eating a lower-carb diet.

However, the surprising bit is that you can still cram in some extra carbs at night without the ill effects… I would like to see them study this further with a focus on the inflammatory aspects of lower carb versus the effects of adding the carbs at night, given that more carbs generally means more tissue inflammation (just talking on a very general scale here.)

Talk about food for thought… :wink: Quite interesting!

Edit: I’d also love to see the results and any potential correlation between the various blood types…