Subforums on discourse?


Anyone else feel that a subforum system like those of the old standard forums could be useful to discourse?

As a way to have things organized better? Easier to find relevant posts such as official news/blogs and such? Like

It’s not that discourse is bad, but I think the old system of subforums would be better. What do you guys think and do you understand what I mean?


I get what you are saying, but I always imagined that’s why we have categories and perhaps later use subcategories…
When I look for specific topics I look into the categories:


Personally I find the category system on Discourse to be functionally useless for the way I think and read the forums.


Yeah same here… Thats why I thought it was time to bring it up.


There is no functional difference between a subforum and a category. The only way Discourse is different is that you see all categories until you select a specific one to view.

If this were, say, vBulletin, it would be like seeing all posts from all subs by default until you selected a specific sub to view. Except there, it takes more clicks.


I feel like my input lately has amounted to “make it configurable!”

Am I right in presuming that the reason subforums are desired is mostly just so the stuff you aren’t interested in can be “over there”? If that’s the case, would the ability to hide a category suit the same purposes? Maybe there can be an option where you specify exactly which categories you’re interested in and discourse will hide everything else. I think a blacklist method would be ideal under these circumstances: hide the categories you don’t want to see (DIY-for-sale, et al).


These are the ones I’d like to see:

  1. General (Soylent as a concept)
  2. DIY (excluding for-sale DIY products)
  3. For-Sale DIY Products
  4. Rosa Soylent
  5. Other Soylent-Like Products

“For-sale DIY” is kind of an oxymoron since you’re not actually doing it yourself, so maybe 3 and 5 could be combined, but I thought it might serve to distinguish small at-home projects from larger ventures like Ambronite.


I wouldn’t ever want to hide an entire category, if for no other reason than many posts are initially placed in the wrong category. It’s more a case of not having to start with quite so much information overload. When you initially see a list of top level forums, you instantly are able to reduce the amount of decision making required. “OK I feel like looking into what’s going on in this area right now… CLICK”. But when faced with just EVERYTHING all at once… I dunno, basically I just ignore categories altogether now. They’re meaningless, I just treat the entire forum as one big long category.


I do the same thing, but between the “Latest” tab, the “New” tab, the “Unread” tab, and that wonderful universal search box it hasn’t been giving me too many issues. I don’t know though how that would fare on a Discourse with a lot more activity/traffic. So far it is manageable here.


Yeah actually that’s a good point… once I realized how the search box actually works, I found it quite useful. I keep forgetting about it. Still, it’s only useful when you’re looking for a specific thing. It doesn’t help you to just generally not feel overwhelmed by all the “stuff” going on. But oh well… I can manage.