Subreddit FAQ 2.0


Hi everyone,

Some mods and I have been [slowly] compiling frequently asked questions in the subreddit. From the general disbelief and common counter arguments and gripes, to the shared experiences, I’m hoping to give people a one-stop, easy to check and, especially, link to, when these questions come up as they do fairly regularly. Check it out if you haven’t seen it before;

If you have any points to bring up, or, especially, anything to add, I’d like to start that discussion here.

  • What questions did you ask in pure disbelief?

  • What answers would have helped you start your ‘S/soylent journey’?

  • Are you frustrated with shipping delays? (Going to go ahead and answer ‘yes’ for everyone on this We’ve got this answered. Right? Right.)

I’d also like to take this moment to see if @JulioMiles or @rob would like to add any consistencies in experiences they’ve found with their own beta testers, that may not have been covered ad nauseum by the DIYers.



I see Ensure is mentioned; comparisons/contrasts to Slim-Fast and Jevity would also be valuable.


@mrob The soylent ordering page has changed to
(Listed under the where do I start section)
Edit: Also, under the sex section, you may want to refer people to this thread:


Good points! I’ve updated the FAQ (and did some much-needed consolidating) according to the above sections.

I don’t think I’ve seen a specific slim-fast compare / contrast yet, but I gather it’s VERY similar to others like Ensure (eg: carb content too high; other vitamins and minerals not well balanced for a complete meal replacement; too expensive per calorie).

I’ve also added a bullet point on Jevity comparisons, which link to a previous discourse thread here.


Awesome job on the FAQ! That’s a great place for us to point interested folks :slight_smile: Very well done.