Subscribing to both Powder and Liquid people

After initially learning about Soylent, I’ve had a number of friends relating positive experiences. After a month trying it out (thanks co-worker who gave me a couple boxes!) I want to subscribe.

But it seems as though I can only EITHER subscribe to 1.5 OR 2.0 via the website. Whereas I’d like both:

  • 1.5 Powder for the work week: two bags makes a solid two days of food, then I have a proper meal at home with the family for dinner
  • 2.0 Liquid for the last two days of the week and weekends.

I’d like both - do I need to subscribe twice? Seems “wrong”.

There is no “combo” subscription, so yes you would have two (or more!) subscriptions. If there’s a limit to how many subs one account can have, we haven’t found it yet.


I have one 1.5 sub and two 2.0 subs (so I get it every 14 days)


I have the same as @GregH. No need for a combo.

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I have a sub for each. Since sometimes I want to speed up or to delay shipment of one or the other, it makes more sense they’re separate anyway.


Just thought I’d point out that the title of this thread conjures some interesting images. It’s like a seven word short story.


I subscribe to the plight of the liquid people. Those powdery individuals cant be trusted.


You can subscribe to both on a single account - it would be nice if there was a discount for ordering both but alas there is not.

Have you tried the liquid 2.0 yet? I would try it first before you go straight to the powder. If price is your buying point than the powder is going to be much more cost effective. However, after getting my first batch of 2.0 - the taste is really really good comparatively. While 1.5 is bland and neutral, (I don’t have a problem with it.) 2.0 is much more sweeter and smooth but less filling. I prefer the taste of 2.0 but appreciate 1.5 keeping me feeling full for for longer periods of time.