Subscription change


My subscription cycle restarts tomorrow, and I need to switch from 7 bags/month to 28 bags/month. Thank you for the help!


Hey @teddyyoung26 – Your subscription has been upgraded to 28 bags/month – this will take effect tomorrow, November 5, and your card will be charged $255.

A note about our current subscription shipping process:

Your Soylent subscription delivery will ship no more than 2 weeks from the date your subscription was renewed.

Our subscription shipping process is far from ideal currently, but we are actively working on improving the backend and in the next 4-5 weeks we will achieve invoice/shipping parity – ie, your subscription shipment will be made on the same day as your renewal charge.

For the time being, due to software constraints, this is the process for subscription fulfillment:

  1. Customer charged for subscription renewal.
  2. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks (like one-time reorders)
  3. Customer is charged again 4 weeks after previous renewal
  4. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks
  5. etc.

Again, the above process is only in place for the next month or so, at which time we will have completed the necessary software to be able to ship subscription orders the same day as charging for creation/renewal.


@Soylent Can I get my subscription changed too? Currently, I had a 14 bags a month, and did a reorder as another subscription. However, under the current restraints, I would not get another shipment for a while. Unless, I do another other.

Therefore, can I get my 2 14 day subscription changed to a 28 bag subscription, with the shipment as soon as possible?

If not, must I order a one time shipment of 28 bags to hold me off till the new subscription cycle takes effect?



@andrewcool Both of your subscriptions have been updated:

Sub #1. Changed from 14 bags to 28 bags/month. Next billing date is November 6. Per our subscription shipping process, the 28 bags will ship 1-2 weeks from that date.

Sub #2. Changed from 14 bags to 28 bags/month. Next billing date is November 19.

Our apologies for the inconvenience with priority shipping. If you have any questions please send PM. Thanks for your patience!


@Soylent, I may be mistaken, but I believe @andrewcool wanted his two 2 week subscriptions consolidated into a single 4 week subscription, not into two 4 week subscriptions. May be worth clarifying.


Thanks for pointing that out, @kennufs. @andrewcool, we just sent you a PM to clarify what you prefer for your subscription account.


Hey sorry to revive an old thread but I didn’t want to start a new one just to ask a quick question. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my Soylent, which be my second order of Soylent but my first using the subscription model. Now, I ordered the weeks worth a month because I wanted to get restarted on Soylent but didn’t have the money for a full months worth. Now, according to my portal my turnaround will be on the 24th but my two weeks obviously won’t last that long (I’m wanting to be at least 90% Soylent) so I was wanting to try and move the turnaround up about a week to like the 15th and increase the order size to a month. Is there a way to do this myself, or does the @Soylent team have to do it manual? Any help is appreciated.


Hey @bradleydavis87 – your subscription has been increased to 28 bags/month. For the time being, we are unable to shorten billing date periods. Sorry for the inconvenience there. If you have any questions please PM or send an email to Thanks!


Can someone on the @Soylent team change my subscription from 2 weeks to 1 week?


@IcarusXI All set – your subscription is now 7 bags/month – will take effect on your next billing date (January 7). You can view this in your subscription account.


Hi @Soylent,

I’m following suit of others that have posted before me.

Please change my subscription from 14 bags/month to 7 bags/month.

Thank you and happy holidays,


Hi @Soylent,

I am reaching the tail end of my 1-week Soylent trial and would like to increase the subscription package for the next shipment. I was wondering if, like others in this thread, I could request my subscription size be increased from 7 to 28 bags. Thanks!


@izo Your subscription has been set to 7 bags/month.

@SGRX Your subscription has been set to 28 bags/month.



Hi @Soylent,

My subscription is set to renew in a few days, and I would like to increase it from 7 bags to 28 bags. Thanks in advance!


Hey @Soylent,

I would like to increase my order from 7 bags to 28 bags.

Thank you!


@Soylent would like my subscription changed from 14 bags to 28 per month


You mean 28 bags/month? They ship 7, 14, or 28–multiples of 7.


@RBell + @brysgo + @Yatosh – You guys are all set. All of your subscriptions have been set to 28 bags/month. You can verify this in your account. Thanks!


Hey @Soylent, It did not get updated in my account. Also, is there anyway I can advance the shipment date so I don’t run out? I sent a related email with more details to the subscription support address.


Hey guys,

I would also like to be upgraded to 28 bags/month.