Subscription info on website is messed up


Just logged into my soylent account to check on my subscription and all the info is messed up: incorrect subscriptions, incorrect quantities, incorrect start date, and incorrect next billing date.

What’s going on?


My next 2.0 sub bill date is still May 25… After that is June 11… Guess we’ll see what happens. It did actually ship on May 25 btw, not sure why it still registers in the future.


I had also changed one of my 2.0 subs from 2 to 3 boxes for a month then tried to reset it back to 2. Turns out it didn’t stick and I got 3 boxes yesterday. No big deal, I’ll drink it eventually. I went back online and it still says that sub is 2 boxes but when I went to change it the default on the drop down menu was 3 boxes. I set it to 2 and then went back to check and the drop down menu default was 2… so hopefully that’s set for next month.