Subscription Issue


Since the thread was locked prematurely and without an answer of a fix . . . continuing the discussion from My Subscription Moved to 2015, Check Yours:

@JulioMiles, @MattCauble: So has the issue been resolved or does mine need to be fixed manually as well since it currently states: Your next billing is on 01-Jan-2015.

I’ve already received reorders so my subscription is live . . . not sure when my next is supposed to arrive though.




That thread has been re-opened. Maybe this post should be merged with that thread.


Tagging @Tesseract to merge the threads.


yeah, that was my bad – I took note that the issue had been acknowledged, and ended up closing it before an actual fix announcement had come in. I’ll move your post over to that thread, and lock this one up.


I moved a post to an existing topic: My Subscription Moved to 2015, Check Yours