Subscription Login


I am not consuming Soylent as fast as it ships to me, so I would like to put my subscription on hold until I catch up. However, according to the web site (click “manage” near the top, takes me to the “manage subscription” page) the email address I used to set up my subscription in the first place (the one attached to this Discourse account) is not in the system.

@JulioMiles could you please take a look at this and tell me what I need to do? I primarily need to figure out why it thinks I do not have an account when I clearly have a subscription set up with this email address and there is a credit card on file.


IIRC it is not automatic when you set up your subscription, I believe you will need to set up a new account yourself the first time you want to login after setting up your subscription.


I went through this, and yes. This is true. You have to make an account, and it will automatically connect with your order and allow you to manage it.


The site will not even load now. Too much Flash, I guess. Stuck at the “loading” screen. Yesterday it crashed Firefox after the Flash was all messed up and made the browser window go crazy.


Got it working, finally. Created my account, info was already in there and I was able to update it.