Subscription questions


Is there an easy way to change your subscription amount? I just ordered 14 days but realized since my gf drinks Soylent too, I should probably be getting 28 days worth. Then downsize after a few months if it’s too much. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this other than canceling and then re-subscribing? Seems like it will be a hassles for RL having to refund me.

Also, at the bottom of the subscription portal it says: “Signed up on 17-Oct-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.”

I hope it’s still 1-2 weeks for reorders, hmm…


@Soylent helped another customer who wanted to change their initial order. They said it was a bit complicated but it worked well.

Email them, but maybe they’ll reply in this topic too.

Reorders have been coming along expeditiously for all the new customers who’ve gotten their first orders. They seem to be concentrating on making sure they’ll continue to be able to do that.


To date they have been consistent in asking that we cancel and reorder if wanting to change or even pause our subscriptions. FWIW, you don’t necessarily need to ask for a refund, just cancel before your next shipment bills and place the new order at that time, or even start the new order a little early and cancel the current one after it ships next, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple extra weeks on the shelf at all times just in case, especially with two of you dipping into the supply.

IIRC the customer @asympt is referring to was a new customer that is still in waiting, since they have not received their first order yet they used a different procedure than they want those of us already on reorders to use.


Yes; since @Zenman says he signed up just a couple days ago, he might want to change his subscription from 14 to 28 days before his first shipment, like the other new customer still in waiting.


He’s already received his initial order and is now in the reorder groove with his new subscription, not a new customer, they have been handling the two very differently.