Subscription resupply just shipped, less than 2.5 weeks after the first?


At the risk of adding fuel to the fire of shipping-related issues…

I just got an email that states:

“We are extremely happy to inform you that shipping labels have been printed for your order!  Your order will be shipped via FedEx, FedEx Home Delivery® on 7/25/2014.”

We placed our first 28-bag subscription on July 7th, just over 2 weeks ago. @JulioMiles or anyone else… any idea why in the world we already have a reorder on its way to us? -confused-

Just got this email from the Company

I love you vanclute.


LOL umm… thanks…? :smile:
Just to add color to this… it doesn’t look like our credit card has been charged (though there may just be a delay in it showing up online). This leads me to some possible conclusions…

  1. This email is in error and no order has actually been shipped (though there is also a tracking number so, I guess I’ll check tomorrow and see if it’s live…)
  2. The email is correct but we were not charged, and a free 28-bag supply of Soylent is about to head our way.
  3. The email is correct and our card has been charged (or is about to be) and we will have a rather large oversupply of Soylent for a little while.
  4. In addition to conclusion 2 or 3, this is in preparation for the Soylent brownie campaign going ballistic and needing lots of Soylent on hand to handle the demand for nutritionally-complete chocolatey goodness.

Please raise your hand if you vote for #4.


I hope it’s number 4


I pick #4 too! Soylent brownies for all!


Gotta be #4. They don’t want you to be forced to delay shipment of the brownies when the inevitable flood of backers hits your crowd funding page. They’ve been there, and want to save you the pain.


I’m thinking #2, which if true means things are really more messed up in the order fulfillment department than you would expect. But #4 would certainly be a good cover story :slight_smile:


Hey Vanclute,

Your order will not ship out today. This is an error. The integration of our subscription platform has been messy so far. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


OK, that’s actually what I suspected given that FedEx has no record of the provided tracking number. Thanks for clearing that up! Even if I was secretly hoping to need extra brownie coverage… :wink: