Subscription System Issues


Hey all,

I currently have two active Soylent subscriptions for a month each. Unfortunately, while the first shipments went out, both orders in the system show " Your next billing is on 01-Jan-2015.".

Anyone else see this? can @JulioMiles comment in?



I’ve seen someone post about this before. I think they put that date in to prevent your next shipment from shipping until the correct time. Or, it could be an error and they think you have not received your original order so they don’t want to start sending subscription orders until your first order is received.


I am about to runout of Soylent. I ordered 2 monthly subscriptions for me and my wife and haven’t heard anything. True, we are consuming more than we thought initially but I sure hope we don’t run out. Sent one email, didn’t want to flood them with multiple emails but I am getting worried.

JA in 18966



@JulioMiles I received my initial order on 6/13 and started a subscription on 6/25. It’s been over two weeks and hasn’t shipped yet. I’m going to run out if this doesn’t ship relatively soon.


I would have to agree with @casssax, its probably a place holder until your shipment gets received, or they can start filling subscriptions more quickly.
Sadly some of us still haven’t gotten our Soylent, but at least we haven’t had to worry about some of these billing and subscription issues.