Subscription Timeline for old Customers


I’m now down to 3 weeks of my original 8 week order (4 back in september, then another 4 right before the order deadline) and I’m starting to get nervous that the monthly subscription I placed on June 10th will not arrive in time. The root of my concern is that no where on chargebeeportal does it indicate that this is not a new order, and at the bottom under timeline it says “Signed up on 10-Jun-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.”

Can anyone else that already has their soylent that reordered confirm that they have the same message?


Signed up on 28-Jun-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.

This is what it said on the bottom of mine. I received a shipping notification on July 2nd.

I wonder if they take the size of the original order into account when shipping the first subscription? I had a 4 week initial order.


Mine also says “Signed up on 10-Jun-2014. Your first delivery will be made 10-12 weeks after your signup date. Your card will not be charged again until your second delivery ships.”

However, I’ve gotten each month’s subscription on time. I signed up for a subscription in May and got shipment in May, June, and just received July’s last week. I say ignore it.

Also, they updated the platform and sent out an email June 23rd that said the sign-up dates would be incorrect and to ignore it:

your subscription creation date may not be correct. You can disregard these dates – we will be automatically activating subscriptions 10-12 weeks after they were originally created, once the first delivery has shipped. (If you have a pending Soylent order from the old crowdfunding site, your subscription will be activated within 10 business days of receiving your order.


Ah, thanks for the confirmation.
I assume that they do take the initial order size into account when sending out subscriptions, and that’s why I have not received a shipping notice yet. I’ll ignore this for now then.


I am glad that you got ur soylent, but ur circumstance is exactly why people are so pissed!

How can they ship u 3 months of reorder before we get anything?

Again, I am glad it worked out for you tho. You are not to blame


I get it. I do. I also find it logical to allow folks who have received their initial orders to be able to reorder so they don’t run out. As they’ve stated, reorders do not hold up initial orders; reorders are not the issue with why people are not getting their Soylent.

Again, I get the frustration.

And I have to say, I’ve not posted previously about getting reorders for this very reason. On one hand, I don’t want it perceived as rubbing it in anyone’s face, and on the other hand, I don’t want to feel guilty.


It should only take 1-2 weeks for existing customers. I would contact asking why it hasn’t shipped yet. I subscribed much later (2014-06-24) but just received the first subscription fulfillment today. I original ordered 8 weeks which I received on 2014-06-07.


FOr what it’s worth, I just did a subscription a couple days ago and my email says this:

Shipping estimates:

  • New customers: 10-12 weeks after order placed
  • Existing customers who have received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks
  • Existing customers who have not received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks after first Soylent order is received


That is 2 statements that mean the same exact thing.

A customer who hadnt’t gotten it and then did receive their order is the same as someone who got their order already.

Provided no new info


-shrug- was just trying to add to the conversation, since my email differed from what others had posted.


My bad I meant the soylent provided no new info


Ahhhh gotcha. Makes more sense now. :slight_smile:


No response from sending an e-mail to If I don’t hear from them soon I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel my Soylent subscription, and try going the DIY route. I really wish Rose Labs would get their act together!


You could try sending something to I forget which one is supposed to be for shipping/order questions.


Thanks, I just did, I wasn’t sure which e-mail to send to either, yet another communication issue. I almost suspect that Rob is sabotaging his own company, since the net result of their shipping SNAFUs is pushing more people to the DIY route, which is closer to his original vision of the future of food than the current state of Rosa Labs.


And I just got my shipping notification, so it seems that my worrying was unnecessary. I do wonder what’s behind the lack of communication though. I have a hunch that Soylent/Rosa Labs will someday be a great case study in the downside of accepting VC funding…


Same here, just got my email. Whew! =)


I do still think I’ll start experimenting with the DIY route though, since the wasteful packaging of Soylent kind of undercuts the sustainability points that are otherwise in its favor. But it’s a relief to have that be a side project and to eat Soylent until I get something palatable.


Yeah the packaging is supposed to be redone in the near future. They had to commit to final box designs before they were 100% what the actual requirements were going to be.