Subscription weeks per month


There’s been some discussion of subscribers indicating a specific number of weeks to have delivered every 28 day cycle (e.g., a couple that are each 75% soylent would want 42 days worth every 28 day cycle, while 1 person at 50% soylent would want 14 days worth every 28 day cycle). How far away is from supporting this?


The lighter subscriptions (50% Soylent) are already possible. The more-than 28 day subscriptions are not yet on their site.


Is there an ETA on the more than 28 day subscriptions?


Yep, same ETA for when your soylent arrives.


Thank you Sir Snarksalot.


We’re thinking this should be possible. No ETA right now but we’ll definitely announce any firm progress.


awww… I keed I keed.