Subscriptions & Reorders: How long after re-subbing do you get your order?


I don’t consume enough Soylent to keep a monthly subscription going all the time. However, I do want to resume it before I run out. ATM, I have enough for another 6 weeks, easy. How long should I allow for? 1 week, 2?

(This reads a lot like a word problem in a math class, sorry.)


It’s my understanding that if you were an original backer, you can cancel your subscription and when you go back and resubscribe using the same email, you will get your order in the 1-2 week timeframe.

EDITED to quote from @ana from a different thread: “If you place a new order on our site with the same email address you used for your crowdfunding order, it will be considered a reorder and will get to you within 1-2 weeks!”


Thank you very much. =) My pace of consumption doesn’t match any existing subscription plan. Alas!


I’m hoping they will offer more flexible plans once they’re able too.


Yeah, I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the future. =) I think for ladies it is pretty much going to be a necessity, unless we’re splitting with a partner.

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For now I am hording as much as I can in case Rosa Labs either goes bankrupt or has a major reorder delay. Discover can absorb the cost of my stockpile in the meantime :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback on subscription sizes! It’s definitely something we’ve heard before. Right now we’re trying to keep it pretty simple for our fulfillment processes but you never know in the future! :smile:


Totally understandable; you guys are just getting rolling! Thank you so much for the reply, it means a lot to be heard. :sunny: