Substitute to Soylent 1.6?

I used to drink Soylent 1.5 replacing 50% or more of my daily meals for more than a year. In May-June of 2016 the Soylent 1.5 started tasting really off to me to the point where I couldn’t drink it anymore. Then I tried Soylent 1.6 which tasted even worse than 1.5 (I threw up and felt nauseous for an entire day). In desperation I started drinking the bottled Soylent 2.0 which I really enjoy the taste of. However, I don’t like the way it is so ineffective with regard to wastefulness, shipping and price; so I am currently looking for an alternative to Soylent powder. I am really disappointed with Soylent for such a lack of focus on their “core” product.

It seems to me that Joylent is the only good alternative to Soylent, however their US business is very unreliable and the wait time is really long.

Does any of you know about any alternatives?

Thank you!

2 Likes has a list.

Joylent is too sugary IMO.
Schmilk is great, though you need to buy milk.
Hol Food is also a good one.

No reason not to try out several of them. Mix and match as needed.


Plastic doesn’t get recycled where you live?

It’s still very wasteful. Especially vs Powder. Other than the, you know, not being able to actually keep the Powder down long enough to be digested.

Did you report your illness to Rosa Labs?

Not much point. They know it’s effecting many people and aren’t taking any investigative action with reporters. Nothing we can do but watch Solazyme stock drop.

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Man if you check TerraVIa’s stock over the years…wow.

Why do you think they use so many different operating names for each product? Seems shady.

I get that that could be true, but I’ve not actually seen a detailed analysis of how wasteful it is, and what it wastes.

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2.0 costs, per calorie, several times the cost of 1.5 or 1.6. The ingredients are similar. I’m guessing that the extra cost is mostly due to the cost of shipping water across the country.

It sounds pretty wasteful to me. I have water right here, why do I need it to get shipped with my Soylent?


Plastic definitely get’s recycled where I live. However, I assume recycling centers spend less energy recycling 7 small plastic bags rather than 30 plastic bottles.


I only reported it by contacting customer service to get my money back. I didn’t hear so many other complaints so I figured it was something that just happened to me. I was also just sick and tired of the lack of consistency between the batches. It makes me question the quality control they utilize in their facilities.

I agree with you. I believe the strategic change of shifting focus from the powder to the bottles is a mistake, because it is contrary to what I believed was Soylent’s mission (to be environmentally friendly).

Thank you for the suggestions.

I’ve looked at BlendRunner before, however I haven’t really found any appealing substitutes that ships to the US. I would also prefer a vegan alternative.

How does Joylent compare to 1.6 in terms of sugary taste? That would be a huge turn off for me too.

At this point I am considering to try to make my own formula. Anyone here who has tried making it themselves? Any vegan, low cost DIY recipes you would recommend?

The gusset pouches aren’t recyclable many places. But they are still clearly the better environmental option overall.

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Are the bags actually recyclable?

I am no expert on the issue, but I think they are recyclable. However, Soylent should find a material that doesn’t have the foil in it (either paper or pure plastic).

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It is not very wasteful.

Relative to the powder, it is more wasteful. But it still has a much smaller footprint than the majority of regular food.

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The bags are not recyclable, except in a few states where they can be recycled for crafts.

If memory serves me right, they are mylar.


Oh like wasteful of your money? Yeah I can understand that. (Although: is your water metered? If so, better check how much you’re paying for those old leaky pipes!)