Substituting Oat Bran for Oat Flour in Hacker School recipe


I mixed up my first batch of DIY Soylent earlier this week, but because I wanted to get started immediately, substituted a few of the ingredients from the Hacker School recipe for versions available at Trader Joe’s. I used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar, TJ’s cocoa instead of either of the article recommendations, and most importantly: I used “Trader Joe’s Natural Toasted Oat Bran” instead of “Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour”, because I couldn’t find Oat Flour anywhere. I increased to 135g from 120g to compensate a little for the caloric difference.

My order of Oat Flour came in from Amazon yesterday and today I’m trying the first batch with the flour instead of the bran. The texture is significantly less awesome and I would suggest the whole thing tastes more bland.

Has anyone else used Oat Bran instead of Oat Flour? Besides the reduced calories (130/40g vs 160/40g) and increased fiber (6g/40g vs 3.5g/40g), are there any significant nutritional deficits associated with using Oat Bran over Oat Flour? The texture is SO much better, I would rather use it, or at least use a mix of the flour and the bran.


My DIY is loosely based on hacker school but takes a bit of a departure to be able to source it all from a supermarket. I use oat bran


Thanks for the quick response! I was lucky enough to find most everything I needed at TJ’s and Super Supplements, the Oat Flour and Potassium Citrate were the only things I had to order. Looks like you’re indeed using a blend of rice flour and oat bran. The oat bran I purchased does not include a nutrient profile out side of the basic Iron 15% Calcium 2%. Where is the profile for the ingredient in your recipe sourced from?


i believe i got it from here