Substituting sucralose

There is so much I like about Soylent: the research that has gone into making it a solid product, the beautiful design of each element (as a designer, good design is important to me; it’s pleasing to the eye and also infers quality), and while the flavor and texture of Soylent is not objectionable, the aftertaste of the sucralose is. Granted, processed sugar has been deemed to not promote good health, but I am having a difficult time tolerating the aftertaste of the sucralose. So much so, that I’ve wondered if I could continue using Soylent. If there is a vegan version of Soylent, could there not be a sweetener-free version as well so that the consumer has the opportunity to choose that variable? Just wondering because I am really having a problem with this issue.


I would also be interested in Soylent without sucralose. I just ordered a one-month supply and the sucralose was my one hesitation.

I have been drinking Ensure Plus, which has a lot of sugar. I am looking forward to getting away from the sugar when my Soylent arrives, but concerned about whether continual ingestion of sucralose will have any undesired effects; or even, as you mentioned, an unpleasant aftertaste.

The Ensure Plus quickly leaves me with a “sour” aftertaste because of all the sugar in it. So if it’s just an aftertaste with the sucralose in Soylent, at least I won’t be any worse off than I am now.

But I’d prefer “plain” unsweetened Soylent if possible.

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Unsweetened soylent is supposedly extremely bitter.

I just went back through the extensive previous discussions on the judicious decision to add sucralose. I understand now why it was important to add it, and I am less concerned about the possibility of ill effects. If the first batch agrees with me over the course of the month, I’ll probably just continue to order it unless I discover a really solid reason why the sucralose is bad (for me).

(In my case in particular, the volume of table sugar I’m currently consuming in Ensure Plus is far more likely to be problematic health-wise than the small amount of sucralose in Soylent.)

This horse has been beaten past death more than any other on the forum.
Here’s Rob’s response to the sucralose concerns. The entire thread has a discussion on it.

There’s the same amount of sucralose in the full 2L of Soylent as there is in a single 12oz can of splenda-sweetened soda.


How about unsweetened soylent, giving the user the option to use a sweetener of choice? I realize that part of the beauty of Soylent is the all-inclusive, no-fuss/no-muss formula, I just really hate the taste of sucralose.

There are a zillion variations people have requested. no sweetener, low carb, no carb, low iron, high protein, extra calorie, high this, low that, it doesn’t really make sense to have them all. Rob has said it runs counter to the simplicity.

Have you received your Soylent yet and tried it?

I would also love to have a sucralose free version of Soylent. Yes, people would like all kinds of different versions, but I think it’s fair to say that sucralose has caused by far the most objection out of any aspect of Soylent aside from shipping.

People don’t like sucralose. That’s really all there is to it.

  1. It tastes awful - and there will be more like misstrixie who can indeed detect the taste despite there being “only” as much as in a can of soda.
  2. There is a huge, seemingly permanent trend towards all natural ingredients. Soylent already has a difficult enough time convincing everyone that it’s not a slurry made up of toxic chemicals. Why would you add a well known artificial ingredient? I would go so far as to say sucralose is considered controversial in general.
  3. Sucralose is not safe and side-effect free for everyone. I don’t really care how many times the creators say that studies have shown it to be safe, and it really doesn’t matter how many posters say that it’s harmless. No matter how many times you say these things, sadly it doesn’t affect people who have a bad reaction to sucralose.

The reason stated for adding sucralose is that Soylent is otherwise unpalatable. I hope that in the future they are able to improve the formula to the point where it tastes fine without sucralose.

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I was recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis and was considering Soylent as the golden ticket to manage my condition. The fact that is uses Sucralose, however, is the only thing standing between me and this product. Unfortunately, it’s a dealbreaker for me – not because I have some kind of belief in the myth that all artificial sweetners are dangerous, but because I (like many people) cannot tolerate the long-lingering aftertaste that Sucralose (even in small amounts) leaves behind.

If Soylent ever releases a Stevia-based alternative (or even Sugar/Cane Juice) I would absolutely be all over this product.

fingers crossed

I add 2TBSP of cocoa powder to my daily mix of Soylent. it eliminates the sucralose aftertaste.

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@GPFault, have you heard of Schmoylent? :wink:

@axcho - Schmoylent seems to be exactly what I’m looking for – but I know nothing about the makers of it or the process/testing used. There’s a certain comfort and security knowing that a company has undergone as much research, consumer testing, and harsh debate as Soylent has.

That said, if Schmoylent can show a similar degree of history/testing or if Soylent releases a Sucralose-free version, a lot of my business will be going there for sure.

I’ll keep my eye on Schmoylent - thanks for the info.

@j8048188 - For me personally, the sweet aftertaste lingers for hours and hours (up to 16 - if I drink something like a Muscle Milk). So unfortunately no amount of cocoa powder or “cover up” will work for me, as I believe the aftertaste is a chemical reaction – not a taste-buds thing. :frowning:

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@GPFault: @axcho is the person that makes Schmoylent.

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Haha, thanks @j8048188. :wink:

Yes @GPFault, Custom Body Fuel is just me, a random guy on the forum who makes DIY for people. :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing official or fancy, just piggybacking off the research done by Soylent, and trying to make my own improvements (substituting artificial additives that have caused problems for myself and others, for safer ones).

A number of forum members have posted their first impressions of Schmoylent, some of which I’ve compiled here, with links to the original posts:

You can see all the nutritional details of Schmoylent here, as well as the exact brands of ingredients used:

Hi, for me it was actually the Vanillin that was worst compared to the sucralose… I could taste it forever the first day I had Soylent…

After I added a bunch of Cocoa powder it wasn’t so bad anymore. it was basically like a chocolate milkshake with a little bit of texture to it (the rice protein)… Chocolate really covers up the taste well :), I recommend you try Soylent before assuming the sucralose will be your main problem :wink:

I personally hate all bitterness as it makes the back of my mouth slimy/dry for some reason…

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It seems to be the vanillin that affects me as well (headaches, fatigue, possibly gas, and so on) rather than the sucralose. Schmoylent contains neither, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

@axcho - I can’t figure out how to send a PM on these forums, but I filled out a mail on your “custom blend question” form.

Looking forward to discussing with you.

Cool, I just got your request, @GPFault , and I’ll dive into recipe design ideas later tonight. Thanks. :wink:

" Imagine (or try) adding 19g of sucrose to 2L of water."

He said sucrose. It is my understanding that sucralose is sweeter than sucrose (aka sugar).

I just looked it up, and it is around 600x sweeter.

It might just be a typo, but if not here is some relevant info