Success with Weight Loss


Hi all;

I was wondering if anyone else has started Soylent with the intention of aiding in weight loss? I see a lot of guys looking to bulk up or just be healthier, but is anyone else doing weight management? I’m on a pretty calorie-restricted formula, 1450 most days, and I’m wondering if what I’ve experienced thus far (I’m on day 5) is my body telling me it needs more or if it’s just trying to regulate.


Well, your body probably crave food/Soylent more right now, because it is trying to motivate you to survive a scarce food supply(Which would be a realistic situation in the stone age, but not now for most people).

So don’t get fooled by your increased crave of energy dense foods.

Although, depending on your activity level and gender, you should maybe increase your calorie intake a bit, to promote weight loss from fat, rather than from muscles.


It all depends on the amount of weight that you want to lose. Be careful not to lose too much weight to fast as that can be really unhealthy.

Depending on what your weight and body fat goals are, 1,450 probably isn’t too low. Just make sure you have realistic goals. Also I would probably recommend against trying to lose weight on Soylent at the start. I think your first goal should be to acclimate to it. Once your body is used to it (maybe a week or two) then start to adjust the formula for your body weight goals.
My first goal with Soylent is to not lose weight, but maintain my current weight with the proper everything. Once I am sure it will work for me is when I will start to tweak it more to try and gain weight.

Please note that dieting alone is almost always a poor way to lose weight. You need to exercise as well, or at least stay semi active.


I’ve been having a ahrd time managing craving. My brain is going absolutely carb crazy after a couple of days on soylent. Did anyone else find this?

Also, I wonder if soylent stimulates appetite, as I find myself getting hungrier after eating soylent than I am if I just fast. I previously did not eat breakfast most days, and was only moderately hungry by lunch. Eating about 400 calories via soylent at breakfast leads me to be much hungrier by noon. I have to eat again at 4pm whereas I would often be able to get home for dinner around 7 pm.

Is this just a matter of training my body or should I be adjusting something? I’m using about 2000 calories for myself at 6’3"/220 lbs.


Dont be afraid to up your calorie intake. According to godraine’s nutritional needs calculator you should be having 3200 calories to maintain 220 lbs. also what percent of carb calories makes up your intake? I set my recipe at just shy of 2000 for now (only on day 4) and weigh 180. I am doing this diet to make sure I meet better nutritional needs and left room that if i wanted to eat something I could. Never ate breakfast before either. I have eaten steak and tuna the last couple nites but that actually seemed to make me hungrier. so at this point I will probably increase my soylent intake as my workouts have been more intense and I run out before then end of the. the only time I have ever craved carbs is when I knew I couldn’t have any


I think you may be right. I’ll try bumping up my calories to 2400 and seeing if that makes a difference. I’m also going to try to use less water, as I’ve been using 2L, which makes it hard to comfortably fit enough in my stomach at any point in time.

I’m using about 300 g of carbs (oats + malto + a small amount of sugar) so about 1200 calories, with about 480 from fats and 320 from protein using the recommendation of 0.8 g of protein per kg of body weight, or 80g. Just adding more carbs would seem to make this rather unbalanced, so maybe I should add more fats as well. 3200 sounds like too much, though–I suppose this varies due to composition and metabolism.

Thanks for the input.