Sucralose! *Very disappointed*


I was so excited to get my week’s worth of Soylent and waited since last year I think for the kickstarter order to get here.

I drank my first serving of Soylent with just water to see how it tastes with nothing added and it was just fine. As I was drinking it, I started reading the list of ingredients and got to the last one which is sucralose.

I thought Soylent “contains everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t”.

I can’t consume this sucralose because it gives me terrible headaches and indigestion.

Now I have all this Soylent I can’t drink. After all this time you go and add a synthetic sweetener to something I’ve looked forward to getting for so long. Why? Why not something that isn’t so controversial like stevia?



The amount is very very small honestly :slight_smile: also, it’s a shame you never followed the forums as you would then have known it contained it. I think many people agree it is a shame it is in there…


Supposedly, the levels of Sucralose are minimal, so as not to cause problems for people.

I would recommend trying to continue, and see if it they amount is minimal enough that your body can handle.

Unfortunately, headaches and indigestion are common adjustment symptoms, so if you do try it, make sure you add the salt. If you do experience those symptoms, see if they persist longer than a few days or they are severe enough that you feel its worth stopping. If it is low enough not to bother you, your experience can help others with similar issues know that Soylent can work for them. Or if it does react badly, you can save others who look through the forums the hassle as well confirm to Rosa Labs that the sucralose is presenting the problem.

Rosa Labs stated that they believe the sucralose to be low enough to be a non-issue, but if you can confirm through your own experience that that isn’t the case, they can use that information to know they should remove it in the next version.


The body does need Soylent to be palatable, so some kind of sweetener was needed to offset some of the other bitter flavors that would have made it unusable. While sucralose is controversial for some, there are no studies showing any known issues.

It may not actually be the sucralose that’s giving you issues. Going straight into a full day of Soylent will give many people headaches, most likely from the sudden increase in potassium.

These next two should not be your issue as you just started. Low sodium can be a problem, so if you regularly using Soylent you need to be aware of your sodium intake, as the initial release is a bit low and needs to be supplemented by adding a bit of salt to your mix or getting it through the rest of your diet. Finally, again for extended use, be sure to drink enough water in addition to what is in your mix, dehydration can also cause headaches.

There are a couple of forum members that have been experimenting with some of the suspect ingredients (including sucralose) to try and determine if a specific ingredient has been causing the indigestion.

The company has recently revised their instructions to say that you should ease into using Soylent to avoid some of the issues, or at least lower the effects.