Sugar content in 2.0

Starting to pay attention to my sugar intake, noticed that Soylent 2.0 has 9g of sugar per serving and 1.5 has 3.75g per serving.

Rethinking my move to 2.0 - 36g vs 15g / day
WHO suggests 25g / day

Anyone know why there’s that much more sugar in 2.0?

It’s not just simple sugars as you would think. I believe there are many threads on this forum that talk about the sugar content. Isomaltulose is one example that needs to be labeled as a sugar by the FDA but acts more like a slow digesting carb.


Thank you for the clarification

There isn’t.

Nope: more like 12g or 15g.

Working: according to the nutrition facts (2.0 nutrition facts, 1.5 nutrition facts):

  • Soylent 2.0 has 9g of sugars per 400-calorie serving
  • Soylent 1.5 has 15g of sugars per 500-calorie serving, which would work out to 12g of sugars per 400-calorie serving

Obviously your daily sugar consumption would depend on how much Soylent you have, but even on 2.0, you’d have to limit yourself to 3 bottles (1200 calories) to even come close to 25g per day.

There’s a bunch of more detailed discussion of Soylent’s make-up buried in the FAQs section of the site, although they don’t seem to have an article specifically discussing sugars: