Sugar nausea/crash

It’s not like I’m new to this… But today after a muggle meal which included rice and beans and probably 24-30oz of half diet/half regular Coke, I had the most severe nausea and fatigue I think I’ve ever felt. I had been on Soylent for 2.5 days prior.

Before Soylent this would have totally been in the norm for me for two meals every day! I get a similar feeling eating candy or soda on an empty stomach… But this episode was really bad. Including mild dizziness and slight ringing in the ears.

What the what?!? I guess my longstanding relationship with soda is over. I’m scared to take Gatorade (for running) now!


Sounds like its your bodies way of telling you that it likes being healthy and does not want to go back. Obviously you had way too much soda to be healthy. Did you overindulge on the rice and beans too? After being on soylent a little bit your stomach may have gotten a little smaller.

I am using Solent 1.5 as a way of dieting. I alternate between consuming 4 meals of 400 calories for the one day, then I will consume 2 meals 400 calories Soylent, enjoy a dinner up to 800 calories, then finish off one more soylent 400 calories before bedtime. Overall this has me getting 1600 calories on non-solid day, and 1600-2000 on solid food day. I never drink soda anymore, I may just have a sip now and then to bring back the taste.


Cool. Yeah I probably went from 14 meals a week with soda down to 2 or 3… I’ll take nothing but 2.0 and 1.5 (with added oil and whey) for several days in a row. (Guess I won’t need that whey when I get my hands on 1.6)

As I usually dilute regular soda with diet soda I’m probably down to 6-10oz on a normal non Soylent meal now (if I have any soda at all). Today for whatever reason was probably closer to 20oz. Not excessive rice but probably enough to bump up th carbs a bit.

I can’t think of what else it might be other than the sugar… I get a milder version of this if I partake in soda and popcorn on an empty stomach… I just found it rather startling how hard this hit me. 5 hours after the meal I was too weak and dizzy to join our normal Thursday night club run. Still feel a bit off although I have downed a bit of Soylent so hopefully it dillutes a bit.

I agree that it was probably all the sugar/carbs. Are you diabetic or is there any chance you are prediabetic?

The only other shot in the dark I could take is perhaps it was too much sodium? I’m assuming you’re adapted to Soylent’s low sodium, high potassium mix. Did you notice any swelling, particularly in your feet or lower legs? I don’t know if that could explain the nausea, honestly, unless you were also dehydrated (which sounds unlikely after drinking so much soda).

I found this under causes of tinnitus on WebMD:

Other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, circulatory problems, anemia, allergies, an underactive thyroid gland, and diabetes

I honestly don’t know if a high sodium intake can cause acute high blood pressure (I would assume so?) or if it’s more of a chronic problem with high sodium intake.

Out of curiosity, any reason you mix them? I think I actually prefer diet soda to regular soda now, but I recently tried Dr. Pepper 10 and I think that’s my new favorite (≈10 calories from sugar per 12 fl oz). I think they also make 7UP 10, but I’m not sure what else. I don’t think it’s the tiny bit of real sugar that I like so much as a better mix of artificial sweeteners (I think they use acesulfame potassium in addition to probably decreased aspartame). I’m wondering now if it would be feasible to add some ace K to normal diet soda (Dr. Pepper 10 is usually sold out at my local grocery store), but I bet it would be too sweet.

The only other thing I could think of was caffeine. Do you normally ingest caffeine? I think going from no caffeine to too much caffeine in a short period of time has made me feel not-so-great before.

Oh, and if you don’t need the carbs, the sugar free sports drinks aren’t bad at all. I prefer them, but I’m not a runner so I usually only drink them when I’m (very) sick. It feels like years since I’ve had to, thankfully.

Best of luck to you! :thumbsup:

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Thanks! Lots to consider… I haven’t had blood work done for 12 months (it’s about time now…) but I have no history of glucose issues or pre-diabetes. Feeling much better this morning, maybe just a tad of leftover quezyness.

Just checked my BP and its 118/72 so nothing crazy…

I certainly wasn’t dehydrated…

Caffeine is not really a problem and I’ve been in the habit last year or so of taking a 200mg caffeine tablet in the morning when I wake up. Kinda gets the system moving if you know what I mean.

Not sure about the sodium… Like most normal food there probably was a good deal in the meal (Wahoos fish taco combo w/added cholula hot sauce). I don’t think that was a contributor though… No swelling or other indications. I guess the hot sauce is a suspect but this really did feel more like a sugar crash than upset stomach due to hot sauce.

The diet soda mixing dates to several years ago in an attempt to cut down on sugar I started mixing fountain drinks… Initially 10% or 20% diet… Eventually settled on a 40%-50% diet mix. Pepsi has/had a product that was 60% diet and that was ok but still found the aspartame taste a bit much.

Since being on Soylent I really don’t have any soda or sugar cravings… It’s just occasionally when eating normal food I fall back on bad habits. I guess I just need to be more careful.


I read that as a blood sugar reading at first and was thinking “WAIT!”

I have a similar post. I had something like that on version 1.0 and recently on 2.0 - I have a hypothesis…again only hypothesis.

  1. vanillin - it was in 1.0 I dont know if in 2.0 but it will cause those effects if you have a biological issue with it.

  2. Body ready - this is more tricky - if soylent is like rocket fuel to me…when I take it in the morning and remain active it appears to work great…when I take it say for example in the late afternoon or evening and then sit on the couch to watch TV…its like I was give a sleeping pill…and I sweat like my body is overheating…

However after the initial cross-over period when I drink more soylent then muggle food…I find it doesnt matter when I take it and I have tons on energy…

I am pre-diabetic take metformin and I do have high blood pressure and taking lisinopril.

I would like to add that when I am regular on Soylent my blood pressure goes down and my blood sugar is better…

Not magic,since when not on Soylent my diet consists on a lot of McD, Burger King and Wendy’s

You mean an opposite post.

The OP wasn’t experiencing this when eating Soylent, he was experiencing this when eating muggle food and soda.