Suggestion for an 80% subscription option


I noticed that this is recommended for up to 80% of dietary replacement. I’m wondering why not have a option to get 73 meals per month? That’s a rough calculation for 80% of the meals for a month. I am currently a 2 week subscriber and I would like to increase my subscription, but know that if I switch to a full month I’ll end up wasting food. Being able to subscribe to an 80% solution seems like a good idea.


You could add a 1 week subscription on top of your 2 week and get to 75%.

Also where did you see the 80% recommendation?


That’s a really good idea. I guess I should have put more thought into it.
The 80% comes, I believe from the literature that came with Soylent 1.0. It was mentioned, and I’m quoting from memory here, that the FDA didn’t have a recommendation for food replacement so they could only recommend 80% replacement, and they also mentioned that one of their favorite recommendations they could make was that it was good for the teeth.


Personally, I just go with a 1-month and then pause it for a month when I have enough saved up. There’s no real concern of “wasting” with the shelf life Soylent has.


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