Suggestion: Offer an option to receive a return shipping label so we can send back the bottles of 2.0 for reuse/recycling

I thought this would fit nicely with Soylent’s sustainability mission. Maybe give customers the option of adding a return shipping label/box for their empty bottles of 2.0, so that we can send them back and you guys could wash them and directly reuse them.

It seems as if this would be a lot more efficient than putting the bottles through the typical plastic recycling chain while you continue to purchase new bottles for all the product you ship (although it’s possible I could be wrong on this assumption).

This would also be a help to those of us who live in buildings or communities with poor recycling programs.

Just a thought as I sit here contemplating the fact that I’m going to be producing 100+ little plastic bottles a month as waste if I continue to make Soylent 2.0 a major part of my diet.

This topic has been discussed on a couple of threads now.


I think figuring out the comparative efficiency of different systems is actually pretty complex.


The biggest improvement would be shipping bottles containing just powder - you add the water yourself. They were able to make a powder that mixes very well in those circumstances, but it tastes gross af.

I’d love BYOW bottles of 2.0!

Back in the early days I actually emailed Rob about this and we had a brief back and forth about shipping bottles back. Ultimately nothing came from it though.

I dunno if the numbers/math still holds up though.