Suggestion: pinned topic to explain soylent for new arrivals?


I really had no idea what soylent was and had to search around to dig up this article:

Then, aha :bulb: I got it!

I browsed around but that was surprisingly unhelpful, and it was a manual step for me to enter that URL after arriving directly in the forum.

I suggest you have a pinned topic with no category – this will pin the topic to the top of the forum homepage – that gives some context for soylent, what it is, what the purpose of the forum is, etcetera. Something like:

Welcome to the soylent forums! Start here.

(or similar… whatever works.)

Remember this pin can be cleared by individual users by clicking the “clear pin” button at the bottom of the topic, so it will not stay at the top for everyone. But it’s very helpful for new arrivals to get an idea of what’s going on and what everyone is talking about.


I was like, “unhelpful, what does Jeff mean unhelpful?”, then I looked at and realized it’s completely different today! Hah!

The other day it linked to these three blog posts:
How I Stopped Eating Food
What’s In Soylent
Two Months of Soylent


I recommend updating this topic, and removing the meta category so it can be a global pin:

I suggest that first post should reflect a bit more of the background of Soylent with relevant links, etc.