Suggestions before trying a DIY recipe

I just heard about official Soylent last week from a review on a podcast and it seemed pretty interesting, so I thought I might give it a try. Since I am in Canada and it doesn’t ship here, I figured I would go with a DIY recipe instead.

I figured I would go with the most popular recipe People Chow 3.0.1 - “Tortilla Perfection!”, but have tweaked it based on availabity, cheapness, and to fit my own nutrient profile. But having zero experience with anything like this, I would like some input and suggestions before I go and buy all of the ingredients.

For the most part it has the same base ingredients as People Chow, but uses a different multi-vitamin, and different brands of other things. I also haven’t actually got exect nutrient values from some of the ingredients such as flaxseed, and the two oils. I just copied ingredients from other local recipes for those items.

My OLD nutrient profile
My OLD recipe

EDIT: New recipe using U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories

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I would suggest obsessively double checking the nutritional info on your ingredients just to make sure its as complete and correct as you can get it. Never assume the person you are copying off of did their due diligence. You can definitely use to get your vitamin E up. Your omega 3 is a bit high. In general anything over about 5g can start to cause issues with bleeding and immune function. Also it might be a good idea to add 1g cinnamon and 0.5g stevia to make it taste good. People Chow is kinda bla as is reminds me of Cheerios without the milk.


Thanks for the feedback. I was planning to double and triple check the nutritional info on everything, just some of the items I don’t have a label to check. Planning to check em out and update values sometime over the next few days when I get a chance.

The omege 3 was high because that what the Health Canada DRI Table on here was telling me, but now that I look at it it does seem rather high. Going to re-adjust everything and base it on the US DRI as that is probably the most used on here.

As for flavouring, I was thinking about cinnamon, just hadn’t gotten around to adding it. Would probably go well with the vanilla flavouring of the whey protein. Might go with a tiny bit of white sugar instead of stevia, since I’ve got plenty of that around. By the way, were those ammounts for each “days” worth or each serving?

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As far as nutrition info I would suggest the USDA database and the below site. They will give you the nutritional info for the generic version of your ingredient which should be good enough to get you in the ballpark and fill in what’s not on the nutrition label.

Go with whatever DRI you have the most faith in. It makes no real difference to people on here. You may have to point out which DRI you are using from time to time.

The amounts for the cinnamon I gave are per day. Below is an interesting thread about cinnamon with some good info that’s worth considering.


The nutrient profile on the DIY website is not transcribed properly. The actual Health Canada DRI for omega-3’s is only 1.6 g per day for adult males, 1.1 g per day for adult females.

Health Canada does not currently issue DRI’s for EPA or DHA specifically, but they are currently nominated to be added. EPA and DHA specifically are of greater interest than omega-3’s generally - both for their healthy effects and potency in treating conditions, and because of their potential for complications if over-used.

Updated my still yet to be tried recipe with some of the advice given here and around the forum. I read that psyllium husk powder can cause the diy soylent to thicken into pudding consistancy, so I removed it and flaxseed meal. I added rice bran to substitute the fiber I removed, but don’t know how that will turn out since I haven’t really seen much on it in diy soylent. I also added a bit of xanthan gum to help keep everything from seperating. I got rid of the olive oil, and now using only soybean oil. The omega-3 and omega-6 values have been lowered quite a bit. Lastly I have added cinnamon, but have kept it optional so its not needed to meet any of the daily values.

The salt, soybean oil, and cinnamon are currently just based off of what the usda database says (added from ingredient list on diy site).

Still open to any suggestions. Want to get started as soon as possible.

New version of recipe:

how has the DIY gone? Have you started consuming it yet?
If you happen to be in the Vancouver area I can give you a days worth of official Soylent to try as a comparison. Its version 1.0 that I have left over, basically decided I liked my DIY better than the official stuff so it is just sitting around.

As for comments on your recipe, I am not a fan of soybean oil although it is cheap. If money is not a overriding concern you might look into alternatives. There seems to be some discussion on the web as to what ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 you should get with some arguments for trying to be closer to a 1:2 ratio. It strikes me that your omega 6 is too high. I am not aware of any good studies validating the USDA recommendation of 17g, that seems to be more of a statistical measure of what people are eating rather than an amount we should get. I am sure others will disagree :smile:

I will second the advice to use ceylon cinnamon and not cassia.
I also started from the 'People Chow" base. I don’t want to go into all the changes I thought were improvements here and I agree your first attempt should be simple which people chow has going for it, but if you are interested you can check out my recipe which has a long comment section discussing some changes. Crude Food 1.2 (40/20/40)

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I agree that the omega 3:6:9 ratios are all wrong. Soybean oil is not a good fit for that recipe anymore. The 17g the USDA recommends for omega 6 is just a suggestion not a requirement. From what I have read you can get away with a minimum of 3-4g per day. I would suggest looking into either olive or avocado oils and a fish, krill, or algae oil for the DHA and EPA and not really on your body’s poor ability to convert ALA.


I just got all of the ingredients together today, and have made “3 days” worth, which I’ll have instead of breakfast and sometimes lunch over the next 5 days or so. Unfortunately I’m on the other side of the country, but thanks for the offer for the official Soylent.

As for the oil, for now I’m gonna stick to the Soybean since it is cheaper, but I might substitute some of it with some olive oil I got laying around. Right now it is my primary source of Vitamin K, so with out spending more on supplement or finding another alternative, I am kind of stuck with it.

As for the cinnamon, for now I’m gonna skip it. Got some cocoa laying around so going to use that for added flavour for now. I’m guessing more ground cinnamon is cassia, so tracking down ceylon is something I’ll leave for later.