Suggestions for combatting bitterness?


So I’m using a variation of QuidNYC’s Superfood for Him, using blue corn masa instead of yellow corn masa. I agree with Quid that blue corn is probably better for you in terms of non-GMO, however, I am finding that blue corn has more of a rawness/bitterness than yellow corn. What do you think I can add to this to make it better? I’ve thought about adding a banana or milk or something, though I’d like a dry food ingredient if possible.


Use one of the flavor options on the whey protein.


Splenda? Stevia? That’s what Soylent (well, pure sucralose) and Schmoylent use, respectively. I know some people have advocated for using powdered honey, but I do not have an opinion on that. Other than it sounds like a cool item.


@horsfield Ah yeah, that’s a good idea.

@Eleven Currently I use 4 packets of stevia. It helps a little, although it isn’t that noticeable, and I don’t really like the taste of stevia on its own.


Try adding some salt 1/5th tsp to it along with some sucralose drops if you dont like the taste of stevia. Somebody else here didnt like stevia but were okay with sucralose.

And choose a multivitamin with low or no manganese. The oat flour will give you tons of it.