Suggestions for Soylent logo



This is my idea for a soylent logo.
Obviously it’s done with paint, and I’m not very good with that either - but it should communicate the basic idea behind it.

Rob, just in case this kind of design actually is something you end up wanting to use and this becomes relevant:
This is my own idea and design and I forfeit all rights to it to you without compensation.

Anyone any similar or other ideas? :slight_smile:

The logo also comes with a full brand/product name picture for the packaging:


I’ve taken your idea and made it a bit more logo friendly, here are a couple of ideas…


I think keeping some colours is important, especially keeping the “S” green (or any other positive or healthy colour).
I really like the idea of not having one pyramid but 4 pyramid segments though as you have in your first link. Have a bit of space in between each segment.


Butchered my first picture even more to adapt to the mentioned idea:

Edit: One more:


I made a logo a few weeks ago, interesting also based on a triangle. If Rob feels like it, he shall share it with you. I gave him all the rights to it.

@CuriousBen: a logo needs to work in black and white. it may use some colors, but the idea needs to work in black and white.


I’m an artist, so I would be glad to take your concept and spruce it up.


I spruced it up :slight_smile:


The food pyramid you’re basing this off is antiquated. I think something more like this (posted by @robbe_hubbs ). It’s simplistic, has the “S”, shows different colors loosely representing the different nutrients in the drink, and that it is a drink (although I’m still hoping for a solid, more portable version for travel/exercising).


I was about to say the same thing. The food pyramid is antiquated and inaccurate, it’s no longer a model for any sort of balanced nutrition as it never was. I like the thought process though.


I made one that I sent to Rob a couple weeks ago, here it is if you want to see it. The ‘S’ is a brain, the ‘O’ the head, the ‘Y’ the body, and then the ‘lent’ along the inside of the body



I know this isn’t relevant to the topic at hand, but is an image uploading site that doesn’t require registration for hosting images and it really easy to use.


Also, several of the devs have already created a decent looking logo. You can view it here:

Its simple enough and clean enough to make a good impact and it merges easily to a two tone stencil (requirement for a good logo)

Major props to Kevin who did the work on it.


Not sure what connection they have to Rob, though you are calling them “the devs” - anyways, I will still keep the thread undeleted :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea what logo Rob will choose in the end, but I still like mine. Well, not the exact one I posted. Just the concept. :smiley:

Concerning the food pyramid: I didn’t know it was outdated, thanks for informing us! :slight_smile:
I still think it’s a good base for a logo though - the contents (which are not visible anyways) may not be up to date, but it’s still a symbol most people will recognize for “nutrition”.


Here is the idea I was playing with. the upside down food pyramid states/shows a turning over of the modern eating and health habits people have


@CuriousBen the devs are the people that are putting time in to create a community for soylent. I am not sure the actual positions given from rob, but I believe a few of them talk to him pretty regularly.


Ah, the term “the devs” just put me off a bit - I’ll refer to them as the soylentscene devs then.
Thanks for the explanation!


That is probably much more accurate. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, the SoylentScene guys are trying to get stuff setup to support rob as he develops his product and help create a better community at the same time.


Since Rob has picked a logo (or at least put one up that he likes), I have created some higher resolution versions of it. (granted, they aren’t the same… I took some artistic liberty with the design. PSD are at the bottom if you want to change them).

Just the Logo: image
Full Logo: image

If you want the PSD, you can get there here
Just the Logo:
Full Logo:


Great idea, and good execution, I’m more towards this than the blue inverted pyramid; but the readability is kinda broken, the first read of it is '‘SLOYTENT’, and it takes a little time to figure out 'SOYLENT’
You can avoid this by ‘opening’ de benzene towards the ‘o’ (of course, this breaks any kind of symbolism based on the benzene itself), and by inverting vertically the L, making it a capital L underlining the ‘ent’


The benzene-type logo is awesome: distinctive, and it reads perfectly from a distance.