Suggestions on blenders or other mixing and measuring equipment?


I have a pretty standard food scale that measures grams to kilograms, and a more sensitive scale that measures in hundredths of grams.

I don’t have a mixer, however, and am considering purchasing one.

Advice? Is it necessary? Should I buy other stuff?


You’ll be fine scale wise, especially since there are certain techniques you can use for measuring even smaller amounts than your small scale allows.

If you are gonna make batches of Soylent for more than a day at a time, a mixer or blender is recommendable to make sure your stuff is mixed thoroughly so that you get the same every day.

Check out for measuring equipment and techniques!


Unless you have need for otherwise, I recommend an immersion blender, I’m finding mine far superior. Plenty powerful, mix in the container I’ll have my soylent in, and cleanup is way way easier.


I own a blender and immersion blender and would definitely recommend the immersion blender. Cleanup is so easy!