Suggestions on v1.3 in here please


I’ve got two…Reduce the amount of gas it makes my body produce, and make it keep me full a little longer.

Other than that, I’m very happy with it and can tweak it to do what ever else I want/need…re: flavor or consistency etc.



GAS. And the magnesium stuff has me freaked. Other than that, I’m good to keep going.


The “magnesium stuff” is nothing to worry about. To have a laxative affect you need at least 1-2g of magnesium oxide. Soylent has about 250mg. When consumed with food your stomach acid ups the bioavailability. The rest of the magnesium comes form the “food” items in Soylent.


I don’t know, saying that citrate version is known to cause digestive issues, doesn’t really say that oxide is better. 1/4 of a gram… What is needed to have a laxitive effect is still pretty close to a laxitive effect… It is not like you wouldn’t get that effect at all around 0.99g. I hope they tried the citrate version and compared them at least


Any form of magnesium will have a laxative effect in large enough doses. The point is that the amount of magnesium oxide in Soylent is not even remotely close to the amount needed to have a laxative effect. Because your taking it with food your body will absorb most of it lowering the chances of a laxative effect even more. Besides Soylent has roughly half a gram of total magnesium which is still way below what is needed for a laxative effect.

So IMO the debate over the bioavailability and laxative effects of the magnesium in Soylent are moot. Most of the magnesium comes from food sources (like a normal diet) and the oxide isn’t enough to cause a negative affect and is mostly absorbed.


For me the gas is the only issue, and a huge one.


I get less gas from Chipotle. Quod erat demonstrandum.





Death fart. Farts of death. Marriage changing flatulence. Life altering smells.


Hard to be a good ambassador for Soylent if people associate you with stinky farts.


Don’t know if it’s coincidence or what, but I’ve been on 1.2 all day (actually since last night) and have not farted once. I hadn’t had “death farts” anyway, but certainly I’ve passed SOME gas every single day. Today has been a very notable exception. I don’t know why this would be since the enzymes are not present in 1.2 but… there it is.

EDIT: Oh for peet’s sake… the power of suggestion. I was just visited by our vaporous friend. No smell to speak of however.


I really like the neutral flavor of 1.2, so I don’t want it to be messed up too much, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to add that pinch of salt myself for sodium. I know, it’s petty, but I just love the idea of Soylent being 100% of what the body needs in a day.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I haven’t noticed any gas from Soylent. If anything, I’m farting less than I used to. But I’ve always been a person with a lot of gas, so maybe it’d be hard to get much worse. xD


My thoughts exactly.


Even gluconate?




Safety and health first. I am using Soylent as 80-90% of my food source, and do not have the nutrition/chemistry knowledge to cipher through the various studies and know what is or is not a genuine concern. IMO, statistics and scientific studies are great tools for both showing or hiding anything. As long as that is taken care of, I would have to agree with the gas issue being my highest priority.


I want the gas issue fixed. Have been waiting to reorder because of this. As a secondary issue I would vote for salt although I think I get enough in my regular good.


Obviously gas. (altho I personally don’t care much, it’s the logical thing to tackle first, recipe-wise)

After that I’d like to see some non-essential things considered - things like nootropics, phytochemicals, nutraceuticals, that type of angle.

Or perhaps different calorie/nutrient profiles, for different diets, should come before that. Or as a part of the above.


Solving the gas issue is unrealistic right now. It’s so highly dependent on your individual biology and microbiome. The best we can do is make something that matches an average person’s RDA, at least until we have the technology to do automated DIY Soylent based on your individual needs.

My suggestion is to create an unflavored version. I find the vanilla scent of Soylent 1.2 to be pretty strong at times, and the fine powder scatters that scent everywhere. I bought Soylent partially because I have a friend who hates normal food and eats extremely unhealthily, and this friend tasted and rejected Soylent because it’s “too sweet.” I have plenty of stevia extract from a baking project, so I think it would be fun if the Soylent didn’t have its own sucralose-enhanced flavor.

Also, why sucralose? Why not stevia?


I’m not so sure it’s “unrealistic”. (it also doesn’t seem to be so much of an “individual” thing, going by the seemingly vast majority who has the issue) At any rate, it’s definitely the most pressing issue, IMO, if they want to gain a wider acceptance.


I tried Schmoylent with stevia (the default) and a custom blend with sucralose instead. I HATED the taste of the stevia, and found the sucralose much better. Individual taste is so tricky.