Suggestions on v1.4 in here, por favor


Continuing the discussion from Suggestions on v1.3 in here please:

1.3 is about to start shipping out and arriving on people’s doorsteps, so I thought we could use a fresh start to discuss our suggestions for 1.4

What we got in 1.3:

  • Even smaller packaging
  • Switch from potassium gluconate to dipotassium phosphate to “improve the neutrality of Soylent’s flavor profile while decreasing the mass of the Soylent pouch to 432 grams”
  • A renewed commitment to making Soylent gluten free (challenges exist due to cross contamination of the oat flour; the upper limit for gluten free certification from the Celiac Support Association is 5 parts-per-million)
  • Statement that several fixes for the next version(s) are under way to improve the gas issues, but none are in 1.3

Common suggestions from the previous thread:

  • Reduce gas (acknowledged by RL)
  • Provide 100% RDI of sodium

In the longer term:

  • Additional caloric/nutrient profiles
  • Unflavored option/additional flavor options

Other issues discussed were disputed, so I’ll let them propagate here on their own.



As quoted from the Suggestions for v1.3 thread (and v1.2 and v1.1), “GAS.”


Fix the gas issue please.


Gas and flavor neutrality. 1.2 had that Play-Doh flavor. No thank you. 1.3, hopefully, will improve on this.


Your version numbers are slightly off. It should be “what we got in 1.3”.


Thanks! Too much flipping between threads haha


As a software engineer I can totally understand … darn copy and paste errors.


That’s basically my life haha, leads to some scary moments when working with databases though…

Anyway, on-topic, I think “Gas” is by-and-large the single most important issue for the future of Soylent, and - speaking for myself - it seems very much like an issue with the product rather than an ‘everyone is a unique snowflake’ issue, considering the disgusting variety and bulk of food that I can eat without any gastric distress.

Otherwise, my number one item on the wishlist is a low-carb variant.


I don’t understand… where has 1.3 been announced? There was 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2… there has been no 1.3 as far as I know…? Did I miss an official thread?


EDIT: Adding the link to the main post as well


Oh that’s weird, now it appears at the top of the page. Wasn’t there a few minutes ago… maybe a caching issue. Thanks!


Replace the sucralose with stevia please!


The more I learned about sucralose and stevia, and after tasting them, I must disagree. Sucralose is the best choice for mainstream (read: affordable) artificial sweeteners (while real sugar would be great, it too has compromises of it’s own).

My requests: continue working on the farting issue, and definitely continue working on becoming gluten-free.


The only solution to these preferences such as use stevia instead of sucralose, make it sweeter, make it less sweet is to go a 2 product route to begin with. One mainstream Soylent and one stripped down soylent without sweetener and with low sodium. This would enable sodium increases in the mainstream one and give the possibility to add stevia, sucralose, flavor in small addon packages, which can easily be added before mixing.
This would prevent investing in a lot of different versions, give the DIY people a base to tinker with and stevia, less sweet, low sodium cases more breathing room.

And yeah GAS issue.

Additionally having powdered algae oil would be awesome. Having minimal stevia/flavor packs could be alright, but the oil especially when opened is annoying.


Thats a relative term around here. You should of seen all the complaints when people had to go through the arduous effort of adding salt and xanthan gum to their 1.1.


I second the vote for a low carb variety. I am adding about 500 kcal of protein powder, mixing and splitting the new 2500 day bag into 5 meals (4 on day 1, 1 left over for the next day).
I just can’t seem to get full on soylent with so many carbs. The protein does the trick for me.


Hi! I sent an email a while back but I never got a reply so I’m just posting on here! One idea I had was to put the oil in gel capsules that dissolve completely in water (made of sugar or something). This way you could just send one big bottle of capsules instead of a ton of little bottles. (Remember to reduce and reuse before you recycle!! These would be completely biodegradable.)

It would also make it easier to bring snack-sized soylent on the go. This is because I usually don’t add the water until later in the day just because I have to lug a heavy water bottle in addition to my regular waterbottle around campus with my computer/books/etc… I can’t pour in the oil without water because it just makes little hard soylent-balls. Those oil bottles also leak everywhere, so taking the whole oil bottle is just a pain.

Furthermore, this would become a backpacker’s DREAM food. No heat, just water, no oil bottle to get your ONE other clean shirt dirty. You could have one capsule per scoop to keep it consistent. Thoughts?


First, I have been on solyent for almost two weeks now. I love it. What I did not like was having to wait 6 months to get it.

Second, keep Splenda / Sucralose. Everything else sucks IMO. If you want to do anything, remove it completely, and let people add the sweetener they want. For example, I would simply add a bit more sugar free chocolate syrup.sweetened with Splenda.

Third, my gas issues were gone after 2 days. It was epic while it lasted though. :slight_smile: Seriously, I just don’t see the issue here. If anything, I have less gas eating this than I did on my old “traditional” diet. Way less. OTOH, I ate a Taco Bell. A lot. :slight_smile: If people get gas, and I do believe it is the MINORITY of people, they can use Gas-X or Bean-o until their body adjusts. Again, it’s not a problem that needs to be solved (nor do I believe you can fully solve it for everybody).

Fourth, seriously, forget about Gluten Free label. It’s marketing hype. You are essentially Gluten Free, you just can’t all it that legally. You are not directly putting any Gluten ingredients into your product. Your PPM are probably ~10 to 20 per million. Big deal. You are talking about changing one of the “Big-3” ingredients over a marketing label. Do not screw up the flavor neutrality over the goal of going “Gluten Free”, when the most recent scientific studies suggest that 90% of gleaned Gluten Free “benefits” are psychosomatic (I’m not talking about those who suffer from Celiac’s, that’s a different case, and also a VAST minority of the population). In short, don’t ruin a good thing all for marketing hype.

Fifth, you can’t keep up with demand as it is. You are what, 6+ months lag to fill new orders? If suddenly you were “Gluten Free”, and orders increased by 10%, would that really help you. All you would have is more pissed off customers who have to wait 6+ months to get their product, like I had to.

At some point, the formula is “good enough”. You should be doing fine tuning, not major changes. You should be focusing on ramping up production so you can get new-order backlog down to 1 month maximum.

What I see you did with 1.3 is a perfect example of what you should be doing. Talking about changing a “big 3” ingredient, or large recipe changes in order to try to solve a problem like Gas which is likely inherently insolvable, and certainly is manageable for most users, is simply not worth the risk.

Concentrate on ramping up production of what you already have, and keep the changes small. And remember the Golden Rule of Internet Feedback: you are hearing from the VOCAL MINORITY!!!


I think you’re one of the lucky ones, a lot of people here (including myself) have been on Soylent for multiple months and have yet to kick the gas. Speaking for myself only, it’s only a shadow of what it once was, but still way worse than even a pretty bad ‘normal’ diet. You suggest that it’s “inherently insolvable” later on in your post but there are a number of DIY recipes that provide pretty similar nutrition without these widely reported issues (with, of course, a smaller sample size, so it’s admittedly inconclusive).

Live I’ve said before, though: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There’s a lot of noise about the gas issues and it’s probably not all false alarms. Also:

You’re totally right! It’s basically just hype at this point, though if someone has celiac disease I guess at greater-than 5ppm they might be pushing their luck. Still, getting away from gluten isn’t a recipe change so much as an ingredient-sourcing change. If they can find a source of oat flour without the same level of cross contamination then everyone wins. Gluten free won’t make anyone unhappy unless they’re just arbitrarily angry that another group of people has ‘won’.

Good feedback though :slight_smile: Hope you have great results in a few more weeks!


Whereas I would say please no stevia, in DIYs I’ve found it utterly unpalatable compared to sucralose.