Sulphur (MSM) alternatives


Alternatives to MSM anyone? - A little more indepth explanation follows:

In Norway, MSM is sadly on prescription, and it is illegal to import. I have lived for almost a month now on 50/50 soylent and ordinary food, and trying to at least take the vitamin supplements if I didnt get a whole day of Soylent. For me, even soylent is difficult to make a practical solution. However, I noticed that my psoriaris increased, I got some rashes, and one of my fingers didnt get better after some rock climbing, even weeks after. I figured that maybe I had sulphur defiency as I only relied on sulphur from protein. Maybe I need more. I dont know. Anyway, after I took two days off soylent and ate a sulphur rich diet of eggs and onions, things are turning to the better already.

So my question is, a good source of sulphur that probably isnt in chemical form, or is in a “natural” product like dried something. The other post mentioned garlic extract, but will that give you the dreaded garlic breath? How much sulphur per 100grams? Better sources? Sorry to open another thread on this, but it seems the standard answer is MSM, but I need something else. If iHerb has it in stock that would be even better, but my searches turned up nothing. Thanks


The rashes could be due to a bad fatty acid ratio (too much om3).
Unfortunately I can’t add anything to the sulfur topic. You could just import it anyway? Most likely the package won’t be opened by the customs.


Hey @DjFarmor

Hum are you sure it’s a sulfur deficiency? Because most of proteins contains a lot of sulfur.
Let’s take an exemple:
Whey Protein Isolat from Myprotein:

As you can see:
Methionine 2,2% --> Methionine got 21,5% Sulfur (source:
Cystine/Cysteine 2,2% --> Cystine got 26,7% Sulfur (source:

So depending of your daily proteins intake you get a good amount of sulfur from them.

But if you’re looking for another source of sulfur you can maybe check for Glucosamine Sulfate:
It’s just a suggestion, i don’t know anything about Glucosamine Sulfate.


you know, on the note of sulfur, I’m not seeing ana dditional sulfur source listed in any of the products used for tube feeding (jevity etc) or any of the stuff like carnation instant breakfast or ensure, and they don’t pump a high enough amount of protein into those things for that to make the difference. Just the thought. Maybe rob was getting ‘symptoms’ of sulfur deficiency and actually experiencing some other deficit.


That might be true. Ill look more into it. It may be due to omega6/3 ratio. I got a lot of omega 3 but most of it is from flaxseed oil, not fishoil. Not that much omega 6. Some of the numbers ive seen suggest 17g of omega6 and 1.7 g of omega3. I got more like 6g of omega6 and 7 of omega3. Ill maybe change my oils a little. Got olive oil and flaxseed oil only.

And the ensure types are meant for people not being overly physical active, and there might be individual differences as well. Given that I have psoriasis, not much, but sitll it might indicate that I need more than others. I will try the oil thing first. What I did notice that after a weekend with a lot of onions and eggs things got a little better.But its hard to attribute that to the food as I stayed in another part of the contry as well. Might be some unknown allergic reaction or what not.