Sulphur Sources?


Spreadsheet so far:

I can’t find anywhere I can get a sulphur supplement, but I do have a garlic extract which is apparently high in sulphates (though exactly how high is a mystery). Where are people getting their sulphur, or, for that matter, the other stuff I’m horrendously low on?

And of course, if I’m doing anything horribly wrong elsewhere please tell me before I do myself some injury.


Your spreadsheet link requires sign in, I don’t like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The usual way to go for Sulfur is “MSM”.
Where are you located?


Sorry about that:

That should be better – where can I source MSM from in the UK?


Much better, and I do like your comments about the amounts. :smiley:

You should be able to get it literally everywhere. I got my initial MSM from Hollands&Barrets in Ireland, I assume they will have it in the UK too - if not, every other health store, in tablet form.

The cheapest source and one that I will be ordering it from in the future (already get a lot of other stuff from there), in powder form, is .


Your sodium and chlorine seem a bit low (where do your recommendations come from?), and your macroamounts confuse me a bit.

Are you trying a ketogenic version?
You have a lot of fat and protein, otherwise, and very little energy from carbs.
If you are, I wonder with what intention - if it’s to loose weight, this is a lot of energy you’re eating!


It’s a twist on Silverhydra’s Cheat Mode diet, where carbs are there purely for a post-workout insulin spike and you want to keep insulin as low as possible the rest of the time, so I guess it’s semi-ketogenic. I’m also pretty suspicious of the given RDAs for salt, I’ve always had to go out of my way to eat that much and when I do my BP skyrockets and I feel bloated as hell.


Also, the soy protein I use is from, and at £7.75ish/kg it’s still cheaper than the bulkpowders version no matter how much I buy. I don’t know how much I trust oneon so far though, I’ve never bought from them.


Bear in mind that protein is also a major source of sulfur. The amino acids cysteine, cystine and methionine all contain sulfur. Cysteine is 26.46% sulfur by mass, cystine is 52.92% sulfur by mass, and methionine is 21.49% sulfur by mass. If your protein source lists an amino acid profile, then you can calculate how much sulfur is in it. Some sources claim, for this reason, that you can’t have inadequate sulfur intake if you get enough protein. I’m not sure about this, since my protein source (which is a mix of milk and vegetable proteins) only provides me with about 1.3g of sulfur for 73g of protein.

Then again, you’re getting a lot of protein in your mix. It seems extremely high. The DRI for protein is .8grams protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Some people think it should be higher, perhaps as high as 1.4g/kg.

And Ben’s right. MSM is the best sulfur source. If you’re going to measure your own powder, bear in mind that MSM is 34.059% sulfur by mass.


Some AA’s are indeed a major source for Sulfur - so much in fact that with 1.5g of MSM per day in addition to my whey, I already had severe gases with a smell (which I knew oh too well from other people) that I never hade before.

I don’t know the profile for your Soy protein, but as Joseph suggests, you should look into it.

Concerning the salt, seems like you know what’s best for you - that is better than any RDA. :smiley:


Turns out soy is hideously low in cysteine and methionine, so I’m going to have to rely on MSM. I’ve still got zero potassium and choline though, in addition to the other stuff I’ll need more of, is Tesco’s A-Z multivit more complete in that regard than ASDA’s? I can’t access their online service without logging in with a clubcard and whatnot.


Tesco’s is what I use in Ireland. Says “Produced in the UK”, and I’m pretty confident it’s the same one.

it’s a bit better in some things, but obviously you will still have to supplement.

Have a look at my formula for possible sources, I order pretty much everything from the UK. :slight_smile:


It looks like Tesco and ASDA are pretty much identical in their contents, so I’ll fish around for more specific supplementation to bring me up. I’m looking pretty close to finished with this, just doing some last tweaks and girding my loins for the savage initial costs. All the (non-ASDA) sources are now listed and linked, I think the price works out pretty well but I’ll keep looking, the potassium and oil can definitely afford to come down a bit.


Turns out soy is hideously low in cysteine and methionine

Methionine is an essential amino acid. You’ll probably want to add another protein source to make up for that. If you’re going vegetarian, I’d suggest rice protein. Trunutrition has an amino acid profile of their rice protein. I assume that profile is fairly typical, so you can probably use it if you decide to buy it from another source that doesn’t have that info. Rice protein is a bit short on Lysine, so I don’t think you’d want to rely on it entirely either (not to mention that it’s a little bit more expensive than soy), but soy is good in Lysine.