Sumptuous Sexy Soylent Studs Thread (SFW)

This isn’t me, but it’s a real profile I ran into. If I find anything similar (that’s SFW! :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m adding it to this thread. Add your own if you think you can top this :wink:

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ummm… wow. That’s… unexpected… LOL

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my profile pic!

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I actually do figure that whoever this is, there’s a decent chance he’s in this form and sees this thread…

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Don’t hold back here! We want to know what’s really important: Which way did you swipe?


I thought I’d find the legend here! (^3^)/

I broke the super-like button I hit it so hard. By my phone I of course mean my friend’s phone, which I simply had to steal in a tug of war from her when I saw who she was about to swipe on. Upon clicking super-liking the app did a weird belly-flop and the app froze. No animation so dunno if the like went through. System restarted. Restart Tinder. And NOOOooo00o0oOOOOO! He is gone and no amount of swiping will bring him back :’(


I wouldn’t put it past RL to do this themselves in some sort of guerrilla marketing campaign.

Hah… that would actually be kinda brilliant!