Super-fast email reply from


Since there’s a lot of posts on here about emailing the Soylent team and waiting a long time to hear back, etc., I figured I’d let people know that I just sent them email about a new subscription and got a reply back in exactly 6 minutes!

I actually started writing a post here covering the same issue (got my original BackerKit order last week, then signed up for a subscription today that was showing as a new order), but I got the email reply before I could finish it.

@JulioMiles @MattCauble – I work at a startup, so I know how crazy things can get when you’re trying to get a new product off the ground. Keep up the great work! (And give Roshelle Anne M. a raise!)


And now @JulioMiles liked this post in just 2 minutes! Records are being broken here!


They were pretty quick to respond to me as well. However, our experiences shouldn’t be used to negate or minimize the experiences of some of the other people who may not have received a quick response, imo.


You’re absolutely right – there are always going to be outliers in both directions, which stinks for the people who fall through the cracks, etc., and I can’t speak to the average response time. Just wanted to make sure people know it’s not all problems.


Yes, I understand. Sadly, these types of threads can sometimes rub people on the other end of the experience the wrong way. That’s the only reason I wrote that, so they know our good experiences aren’t some jab at them. :slight_smile: