Super Tasters and Soylent


Hi everyone. I am patiently awaiting my order to arrive. I am a Super Taster and am curious of anyone who’s received theirs is as well. I normally only eat bland foods because I taste everything in food - good/bad. I can taste rotten milk in cheese, I can taste rotting wood in mushroom sauce, I can taste bitter chlorophyll in plants. I don’t have any weird aversions to food - I just don’t like the taste of most stuff. Give me a cup of Earl Grey with honey, and boy oh boy are my tastebuds in heaven! If any of the Soylenters who are Super Tasters care to respond and tell me how it’s going, I would be very appreciated.



I would be very appreciative.


Do let us know what you taste in it, when it arrives - what is usually your reaction to things with sucralose in, out of interest? (I’d also be interested to know whether you find yourself able to discern the fish oil or anything, but of course it hasn’t arrived yet.)


Sucralose tastes like I am licking a ph test-strip.
But I’ve been drinking Crystal Light Lemonade and I think it’s in there, so I think I’ve gotten used to it some. But a diet Coke is just plain chemically tasting.

Can’t say I know what fish oil tastes like, as I’ve never had it straight. But I like fish with white meat more so than darker meat fish - they taste gamier like blood and seaweed.

I’ll be sure to post when my order arrives - but I’m pretty far down in the queue because I only ordered 1 week before lockdown. Didn’t want to order alot because I didn’t want to be stuck with alot that I won’t touch.


Maybe I’m thinking of Aspartame!


I look forward to hearing what you actually taste in the soylent, theres a few things in it to “mask” the bad tastes from the vitamins/minerals/fish oil so if your taste is reallyl really good… you will probably still taste those things even with the “masks”


I hope like hell Soylent tastes better than this stuff:

Because … damn.

I ordered some of that crap the other day from Amazon because it will take forever for my Soylent to arrive. I ordered the “Raw Meal” stuff as kind of a curiousity, you know and … and … and … DAYUM! Anybody who tries that stuff and then has the balls to order it again is someone I’m very afraid of. I think if I were to taste cow manure, it would be similar, or possibly more pleasing.


I’m glad I never discovered that one. If I hadn’t heard of Soylent, I might have tried that. LOL


@Alex1, if you’re so advanced Super Taster,
Do you have any plans to compare Soylent, popular DIY-soylent formulas and may be some commercial meal replacements to make a review?
If so - I have some Soylent for you.
(I’m one of the Lucky-15 who received it from Crowdtilt)


The other product I ordered from Amazon was

It isn’t nearly as bad as that “Raw Meal” stuff. The MRM Gainer is actually fairly reasonable.

The problem with all these products – MRM Gainer, Raw Meal, Ensure, etc. – is not one of them is in any way balanced. The fat/carb ratios are all over the place. Many of them are designed for bodybuilding and as such have insane amounts of protein (e.g. MRM Gainer). Some, like Ensure, have no fiber whatsoever. Others, like “Raw Meal,” have so much fiber that you may as well try choking down wood pulp.

What gets me excited about Soylent is the fact that it is, unlike every other product I’ve seen, a truly balanced “meal.” It has just the right amount of fiber, carbs, fat, and protein to be a product for sustaining a given weight, rather than something designed to cause weight gain or loss.

Plus, the fact that the product is designed to provide 1 kcal per ml kind of turns me on as a chemist. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope all the early orders get filled soon and that my turn will come sooner rather than later.


I appreciate the offer but I have no plans to do all that.
The only thing close I’ve tried before was whey protein powder (can’t remember the brand name). It was strawberry flavor. It tasted as fake as the strawberry syrup that you put into milk along with a flour taste like ground up oatmeal mixed with road salt.
At any rate, I was just hoping someone who’s received theirs is a Super Taster and if they would like to let the rest of us know.


Ok, @Alex1,
but if someone of Super Tasters is ready to make comparison - let me know.


First time I’ve ever heard the term super taster, had to google it to see if it was really a thing. I didnt do any tests but from what I read it sounds like I would be a super taster.


It’s been on my to-do list for a while, to count my taste buds. I don’t think I’m particularly good at tasting things, though.


@Predator do you also have a bland diet and dislike many foods?


I don’t think that supertasting is necessarily a universal thing. I consider myself to be a “normal” taster, but I do find olives to have too strong a flavor and there is something that you sometimes find in seafood, especially of the Japanese variety, such that a tiny bit, even diluted in a full bowl of soup (I can’t eat Misao soup, for example) renders food inedible. But then I was surprised when a friend said that imitation banana was too strong…


I tolerate more foods now that I’m older but still prefer bland foods. I find fruit to be way too sour, juice and pop too sweet and many vegetables extremely bitter. When I was a kid I wouldnt even eat candy. How do you find alcoholic beverages? I have a hard time downing anything with alcohol in it.


I think I’m on the lower end of the super on the tasting spectrum. Celery is intolerably bitter. Artificial sweeteners are disgusting.

I too was a bit concerned about sucralose. I started this thread last night and my first batch of soylent today. There is a bit of the artificial flavor in the tasting, Its something ill get used to but its there. Girlfriend doesn’t notice though. she’s better on discerning flavors though doesn’t taste as acutely. (being born in russia i wasn’t exposed to a wide range of flavors growing up so its hard to name things for me)

Speaking of which. Soylent tastes a bit like russia… more hope on the nose though… oh! and notes of freedom abound through the finish.


I’m still waiting on my order but I am really curious to try mixing Oregon chai with it.


You are right, it’s not universal, however there is a high statistic of people who are.
You mentioned having a tiny bit of something in a food can make or break your ability to eat it - that is so true.

I didn’t want to be left out so I literately drank gallons of beer in a few months before I could finally stand the taste. Guinness Draft is the #1. Don’t really like mixed drinks that are sour. Of course the cheap American beers are dreadful tasting.

Even if you put peanut butter on celery it tastes like you are eating peanut butter on top of moist weeds.

@IvanTheTerrible I wouldn’t mind something with notes of freeedom. That would be freedom from having to cook.