Superfood (wheat grass extract) powder additive


Has anyone considered adding a green superfood powder to the mix to really boost essential vitamins and minerals? There are a couple out there that I am considering using, and there are reviews of them there on this site

The one that I am considering adding to my soylent recipe is Vitamineral Green, the nutritional density is reviewed as outstanding. Beware though… very few people enjoy the taste of wheat grass, and many of these powders have some bite, especially Vitamineral Green. More mild flavored ones like Amazing Grass might be more suitable for those with a more sensitive palate.

Currently, I dial back a tiny on the maltodextrin, a few minerals and vitamins in my mix and add a small amount fresh fruit juice instead. It really does help boost the taste.


It has been discussed before, especially Vibrant Green.


Please provide a reference link, as I used the search button up top before posting my thread, and came up with nothing. I also searched for “vibrant” just now and of the 3 threads that came up, One was THIS one, the other was about vibrantly colored urine, and the 3rd was about a more exciting name.

The above may have been my first post here, but I am no spring chicken when it comes to foums, I search extensively before posting up a topic.


Here’s one… sorry it is Green Vibrance :smile:


I had to play with the link to get that to work, but there really isn’t much useful discussion in that thread about using that kind of additive.