Superfood with Oat, suggestions?


I modified QuidNYC’s superfood recipe for the sake of easy to attain ingredients and price (all reductions without sacrifices are good).

I want to keep the caloric content of the recipe as low as reasonable for the moment as I am forbidden to workout or exercise meaningfully for the next several months. Right now I’m pretty happy with the content but I worry that the primary ingredient by weight is maltodextrin (which I fear won’t supply enough bulk/consistency) and that the carb count may be TOO low.

My goals here are weight loss and nutritional fulfillment. Because I’m rendered stationary for medical reasons I have gained weight and lost muscle mass, Ideally I’d like to reverse that with my recipe as much as possible.

I’m also considering removing the multi-vitamin and adding in a vitamin mix instead for consistency and ease of gaining nutrients but I fear that’d up the caloric intake too much.

If you all have any suggestions, substitutions, or thoughts about this recipe I’d love to hear as I plan to put in my order at the beginning of June. :slight_smile:


I do think your recipe looks good overall, although I probably wouldn’t use it myself due to the pills. Let us know how you like it.

I just modified one of my recipes to use oats rather than masa, Kennufs Hybrid v2.4 (Java) with oats. I have always avoided the use of pills for my recipes, but I do tend towards low carb (about 40%). For what it’s worth I don’t think your carbs are too low, I feel the USDA recomendation is too high in general, but YMMV.

My recipe is partially based off of @QuidNYC’s, and partly from Hacker School. I have always used masa, but also always wanted to give oats a try (I’ve been sitting on 4 lbs for a while), your post gave me the motivation to make the modification. I’m curious to see the change in consistency, and if I will get the same sort of gastric distress some say that oats give. Given that Soylent uses oats I think it prudent to give them a try.

I threw this together rather quickly today, so I directly copied the oats from your recipe and have not had time yet to verify the ingredient myself, but will when I get time. Where did you source your nutritional info for the oats?


Hey thanks for your feedback, yeah the pills give me pause as well, but my issue is that even with the recipe as you see it here I’m having a lot of trouble keeping the caloric intake where I’d like it to be while still maintaining nutritional completeness. I might experiment this weekend with putting together a version that uses powdered nutrients and whey together? I’ve seen that in a few recipes and I know I can purchase it here locally, GNC something or other.


I get several of my micros in the recipe above from the NutraBio Java Whey, and I believe they have some other fortified whey proteins. I have only used a couple of their products, the Java and the straight whey, but have been pleased with them. I’ve been doing 1600kcal for a while now, took some doing to get everything where I wanted it to be.