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Day 0.
Bought the ingredients from countdown, and some equipment - some digital cheap scales from the warehouse, mixer bottle and 3 x stainless flasks from kmart. as I am more or less backpacking at the moment, i need to be able to prepare it without a blender - so i opted for a decent shaker flask, and 3 unbreakable thermal flask - actually pretty cheap for about $9 each at kmart. not trusting shared refrigeration in the backpackers, i am going to rely on the flasks to keep it cool, and mix with cold water.

I mixed up a days worth in the evening, and found the scales less than adequate. after filling the 3 x 470ml flasks, there was about 600ml left so i had that as an evening meal, not having had much to eat that day. tasted chocolatey hardly noticed the coffee flavour, which is good. i ate 1/4 of the prunes afterwards as a chaser of sorts, actually works quite well in getting rid of the few bits of bran in the mouth, and acts a bit like a desert.
technical note: the scales i bought are not adequate, and keep switching off. will probably have to take them back.

the recipe for day 0 is here

Day 1.

got up and had the first meal, which was still cool from being in the flask overnight. tasted pretty much the same. by mid morning i felt i needed a coffee so i gave in and had one.

in the afternoon, after my second meal, i modified the formula slightly, making it slightly easier to
measure using the 1g scales, (eg made salt @ 3.3 grams per day, being 10/3), and prepared 3 days worth in 3 different bags for dry ingredients, and the oils & honey in some small containers i bought at countdown supermarket, designed for salad dressings and are exactly 35, more or less the right size for the 2 oils together. i also tweaked it a bit for taste, and to reduce the number of eggs.

modified recipe

returned the scales but couldn’t get a refund, instead chose another model, which hopefully won’t keep turning off. found a supplier for a better scale, but that will have to wait till shops open next week.

so, after 1 day of diy, how did i feel? not bad. disregarding the one coffee i bought, i feel my strategy of putting instant coffee in the mix has paid off - i normally drink 4 or 5 coffees a day, so i was trying to avoid caffeine withdrawal. i plan to reduce the amount of coffee in the mix over time, as my energy levels increase. during the night i realised i was a little dehydrated, so got up and had about 500 ml of water. will have to address that by drinking more water. also worth mentioning - i have in the past suffered from a sleeping disorder. i had a few issues last night, however i suspect it was to do with the very hard large pillow in the backpackers forcing my head to close on my windpipe more than the soylent diet. will keep an eye on it though, and go back to normal food if it persists.

Day 2.
mixed up the dry powers and filled the flasks, and realised i had not added the eggs or oils to the mix. doh! no problem. i drank the residual left in the flask as morning meal, and scrambled up the eggs for “breakfast”. was a nice way to ease off the “normal food” regime, so i might do that more often if circumstances permit. might also give me a bit more energy to get through the morning without a coffee. time will tell. will just have to add the oils to the meals and shake before consuming. it’s all good.

will update at the end of the day reporting on lethargy levels etc.

UPDATE:made it through the day with no energy level issues, however decided to redo recipe without the epsom salts - since it acts as a laxative, and i did notice a bit of that going on.

Day 3 - 6
spent 4 days hiking, and was off grid for all of that time, so could not update the blog during that time.

energy levels, great - almost too much. have decided to reduce the coffee sooner than originally planned as i find i am actually staying awake at night. have halfed the amount, and also reduced the amount of cocoa, which makes the whole thing a little less chocolately. on day 6, after returning to civilisation, decided to have some “muggle food” - a macdonalds hamburger around lunchtime (I had had a meal of diy at the start of the day), and a roast beef sandwich later in the afternoon.

all in all, after about a week on soylent, and happy with the results. i will continue to do so, however will probably have the occasional meal of normal food over the next few weeks.

wlll update if anything major happens, otherwise, my experiment with using only supermarket bought items seems to have worked, even if a little higher priced that some have reported they can do with specialist powers etc.


Just wondering if you have any more updates?
Which one of your countdown recipes are you using?


i have basically been using the “revised” one[quote=“unsynchronized, post:1, topic:10769”]
modified recipe

although for the last few days i replaced oat bran with rolled oats, which is not ideal.

i have been trying blending the prunes in with the shake (i didn’t have access to a blender before), which seems to work ok.

i haven’t been sticking to it all the time, as sometimes i am eating with other people.

i am also intending to reduce the coffee and sugar quantites for the next batch of powder i mix up . will update the recipe then.


Hey there, are you still going through with the diet? How has it been?

I’m thinking of giving this a shot this weekend/next week for a month.


I have moved to Australia now, and use a different recipient, similar but based on what’s easily available here

The whole egg and prunes and oatbran thing does work, but you really need a decent blender, an obviously the eggs are a big cholesterol boost so be aware of that.