Supplements in pill form and excipients


How does everyone use these? Do you just crush the pills, make a powder out of 'em and add them to the mix? Also, what about the excipients? Sometimes one of the binders used is gelatin which comes from animal products. That can’t be a vegan-safe choice can it


Yep, that’s what I do; I bought a mortar and pestle and that’s been working pretty well for me. It hasn’t significantly affected the taste, although if I ever feel like it does, I can just take the pills separately.

And yes, crushing up pills means consuming excipients. I’m at peace with this, but I’m not a vegan.


I have quite a good multivitamin that I just swallow, and everything else I get is in powder form, which is easier than crushing up pills. However if you do continue needing to crush pills, I also recommend the mortar and pestle method.

There are vegan-safe alternatives to all the ingredients, but it’s more expensive and requires more searching.