Supplements to reduce the awful smell?


For me, the only negative side-effect that hasn’t gone away, is the terrible smell of my farts and excrement. I like to joke that holding it in is Kegels exercise, but it is a real danger to my social and sex life.

Before I got used to the smell I’d walk into my room and it would smell noticeably funky. The smell lingers in the seat of my pants, and no doubt my bed and seat cushions as well. The bathroom at my job is right next to my bosses’ offices. Holding it in doesn’t always work, and the bloat pressure can’t be healthy. The nerd factor of drinking Soylent is usually interesting to most people, but it’s a net-negative if it makes you into a “pig-pen” of stench.

What supplements could I possibly take to reduce the stench of my backend waste? Most preferably they would be long-term safe, cheap, and could be ordered in bulk just like my Soylent. I’ve heard of taking activated charcoal, but I suspect that would also neutralize a lot of the micronutrients.

Which DIY Soylents stink least, without leaving neglecting sulphur and other essentials?




Devrom capsules.

Also, it’s been suggested that adding Barlean’s Greens to Soylent 1.1 takes away the gas issue for at least one person. Not sure if it works with 1.2…

And I agree, it’s hard to have social/sex life if your gas is terrible. And I also agree, holding too much gas in is not healthy, and definitely stressful.


Which version are you on?


When I switched to 1.1, I thought my gas was decreasing because I was getting used to it, but from beginning 1.2 as of last week, I know it was the enzymes. Back to the 1.0 experience of feeling it build up and shuffle through my gut shortly after drinking, and for hours afterwards. I haven’t checked online, but Beano is stupid expensive in stores. I want a supplement for this that would feel like an afterthought (I wish it were still in Soylent)


Generic isn’t bad. I got the capsules at CVS and just dump the contents of six pills into the pitcher.


I started taking activated charcoal pills after eating Soylent this past week and I’ve had very positive results. I would say the gas/bloating issues are 90% better. I also stopped adding the Beano at the same time with no problem.

I don’t know if it will work for everyone but so far it’s working for me.

I have some of each version now and I’ve tried it will all three versions and the results seem to be the same.


That’s awesome, and it seems like a good solution for people with excess Soylent that they want to finish. But will you continue to order Soylent knowing you have to take charcoal with it?