Surgical strength laxatives are nutritious, pure, and affordable as a source of Phosphorus


People who can’t find phosphate for initial attempts at soylent should absolutely look into “Fleet Phospho-soda” type laxatives.
It might sound ridiculous, but it is all about the dose, and contains nothing substantial but valid Phosphate supplements:

Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate 24.4g x 19.9% = 4.8556 g P
Disodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate 10.8g x 21.8% = 2.354 g P
Total = 7.2096 g P / 45 ml

Which means you need to use 5 ml (1/9 of a dose) of the laxative diluted in your day’s worth of soylent, which still leaves plenty of room for salt in the Sodium departament, despite the inclusion of the Disodium.

Disclaimer:To the posters current up to date knowledge, all information above is accurate, and is not a joke.
Example of calculation(not a finished recipe, just information for some ingredients)

I would also appreciate if someone could advise me about the micronutrient contents of my proteins, and complete oats product.

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