Survey: How long have you been on official soylent? >>>


How long have you been using official soylent and how many meals per day are you substituting?


I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now. I consider Soylent to be 4x500-kCal portions. I’ll have between 2 and 3 portions daily, along with either 1 or 2 muggle meals.
I found that I eat less solid food now that i’ve been on Soylent.


Since April 30 mid-day. Running about 80%ish on a weekly basis.


It will be one week tomorrow.

I’ve started consuming 1500 calories a day + a small dinner on most but not all nights.

I started getting some stomach issues when I was consuming the whole 2010 calories/day.

They seem to have mostly gone away at this point. I think I’ll have a much better picture after another week.
(although next weekend is the 4th of July which means I’ll probably be consuming a lot more; burgers,dogs,ribs, and chicken, not to mention beer, than anyone should in a three day time span.)


15 days now. I started out replacing around 80% of my food with it but have settled down to around 50%. That keeps the gas issues down quite a bit and prevents me from getting bored with it.


25 days. 100% Soylent, though occasionally I’ll add an extra non-Soylent meal, when experimenting with cravings.


40 days. Of which 75-80% of all meals are Soylent. The rest is social eating (friends, family).


58 days. I do all Soylent 4 days a week and the other three I have soylent for breakfast and lunch, then a meal for dinner.


Just finished my first week. I’ve been about 90% Soylent. I love it, although I do have cravings for pizza (which I’ve had all my life). I break down and have a pizza or other ‘bad’ food when I feel like it. Mostly love just sipping all day.

I’ve REALLY cut down how many calories I eat in a day. It’s generally Soylent or nothing for me. Couldn’t be happier.

No gas issues, except by way of improvement! I used to be more gassy before, I think my diet had a LOT of fat and junk food. My body much prefers Soylent, that I’m sure of.


I’ve been 100% Soylent since June 16th until last night. I had my first solid food (appetizers and drinks with the fianceé). Honestly, it was just “ok”… not like the amazing first meal experiences people have been posting about.

This morning though, I’m back to Soylent :smile:

I’ve got a get-together this afternoon with friends where I will probably eat and drinks some, but after that, I’m 100% Soylent until the 4th of July.