Survey: What is your personal "supplement" or indulgence?


I’ve been on Soylent 1.0 for about two months now, I fluctuate between 40% and 90% Soylent. On the days of lower consumption, I’m still gravitating toward healthier things and smaller portions than I did pre-Soylent, which is good. I’ve been tracking my calorie intake with MyFitnessPal and my calorie expenditure with a FitBit One. I’ve even cold-quit soda and juice, I’m pretty much 100% water now, for beverages, with the occasional tea.

That said, even on my highest Soylent percentage days, I’m still unable to get by on just Soylent. It doesn’t fill some intrinsic need that I can’t name*. My consistent indulgence is about 1oz by weight of Lay’s potato chips.

It’s interesting to note that I did not like the basic original chips almost at all pre-Soylent. Now, a glass of Soylent and a few chips is like the perfect meal ever.

So, this is a poll thread. What’s your indulgence?


Salted pistachios … maybe we need more salt :slight_smile:


I periodically come back to eggs, Jalapeños and other peppers, or pumpkin seeds.


I find myself consistently gravitating towards sweets at least once a day. A few cookies, maybe a York Peppermint Patty.

Going 100% is a little too boring for me at this point. While I’ve been playing with textures and flavors, I haven’t hit that magic mouthfeel that makes me look forward to the next glass.


I find myself gravitating toward pretzels… which is interesting. I’ve always had a super sweet tooth and have never had much craving for anything salty, particularly not pretzels. Gotta be the low levls of sodium in the Soylent :smile: