Survey - What percent of your daily calories come from Soylent?


Curious about the community’s Soylent habits. Reason is I have yet to meet someone in person (I’m in Seattle) using the product.

Survey is simple. Reply with your best estimate of how much you consume each day.

I’m 20-30% of daily calories. Roughly consume 24 oz daily or 750 cals. Usually for lunch. Having difficulty drinking more because of


This is one of the things we are trying to suss out here


2000 calories. I’ve only been doing that for several weeks, when my subscription started.


About 1,000 calories. A pitcher lasts for two days. So far, though, v1.3 promises to allow me to up that number to 2,000 on most days. Fingers crossed.


I mix up approximately 1000 Calories of a DIY (based on Phill Fuel) and have it for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is conventional food (meat and veg is the ideal, but sometimes it’s something less healthy).


Between 875 and 1250 calories per day. I always have Soylent for breakfast (375cal) and lunch (500cal), and lately most days I have it for a snack (375cal), then have a moderate dinner. Been doing this since about mid-September.


Typical day, I’m probably 70% to 90% Soylent.


Daily, 50%-100%.

Weekly average at ~80%-90%.


Around 35%. I typically eat 17 meals per week, six or seven of which are Soylent.


Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs = 100% Soylent

Fri/Sat/Sun = 0% Soylent (maybe 50% Arby’s and 50% pizza)


Oh God, that sounds like the perfect diet… I’m so envious…

(No Arby’s or Papa John’s where I am!)


It’s working our perfectly. My weight is staying right where I want it to be, I get great nutrition, and I still eat all the slop I want 3 days of the week.

Not to mention the beer. Glorious, wondrous beer.


90+% on average, 100% on a typical day


On a monthly average probably about 30%, but that’s made up of 2/3 days of 0% Soylent and 1/3 days of 75-100% Soylent.


Daily average of probably 40% Soylent (breakfast, ½ my lunches, hardly ever for dinner, which is the biggest meal). I am having 1400Kcal of Soylent per day.


I’m estimating aproximately 40%.

I eat regular food on weekends, and Soylent for dinner Monday though Thursday.
Work cafeteria is pretty good, I eat lunch there weekdays, usually skip breakfast.


I average about 800 cal per day from Soylent (Breakfast and Lunch)


Thanks all. People drinking more than I thought. Impressed many of you guys are getting 90-100% of your calories from the product, and many others are consuming it every single day. Wish I could do both of those things but haven’t been able to work through the side effects yet.


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@JonM, You could try adding some barleans greens to the mix or take it along with soylent, it helped with the digestion for some. Since you said digestive enzymes made your chills go away.