Swedish Journalist needs Soylent users in Sweden/Scandinavia



I’m a Swedish journalist who need to get in contact with Soylent users in Scandinavia for a story.

Let me know if you eat Soylent semi-regularly and have time for a short interview!

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Hi i am Danish, I currently eat Joylent (a soylent from Holland/Netherlands) 1-2 times a day. I tried the official Soylent 1.0 with 7 days worth last summer, and I have tried 5 days worth of Queal and now 5 days worth of Joylent.

Planning to subscribe to the official Soylent the moment they begin shipping to Europe. (Reshippers are too expensive)

What kind of questions do you have in mind? And how would the interview be? (What angle are you coming in from? I seen a few interviews in the past that have attempted to make Soylent seem nasty or “wrong”)

My best advice would be for you to also try it, so you more honestly can discribe it and truthfully say if you would find it good/neutral/bad.


How would the interview be? Over skype, email, phone, discourse or in person? And what format is the “article” going to be in?

(If you ask questions directly here on discourse, you may get a ton of answeres also)


Hey! Thanks for getting back to me!

I tried DIY Soylent for a week so I know all about it :slight_smile: I liked it though I had a hard time to drink it all.

My story is about my own experience, the people using it and what the future of food could look like. How good is it for our society to keep eating food that not good for the environment? Do you think Soylent users think about their ecological footprint when they eat it or just for their own benefits? (this question I will ask ask here on discourse!)

Would be great to talk to someone who uses it regularly about how it changed your life, what the benifits are?

Best would be to do the interview on Skype! The story will be published on kit.se a new online magazine that launches in the end of March.


For me personally it is mainly about my own potential benefits. Less shopping, less dishes to clean, less waste to throw out after meals. The ability to easily controle my calories along with the how easy it is to store a lot of it and the quick preperation. (And potential health benefits)

Sadly I am forced to still enjoy a normal dinner with my familiy every night :wink:


That’s what I thought!!
Interested to see if anyone chose to eat Soylent with climate and environmental purposes in mind?

Producing food in a factory with more effective farming might be way better for our world then the way we eat today…

Add me on skype viola.gad if you are interested in doing a short interview with me! Would be really helpful!
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Might add you tomorrow, but I may not have time until friday because of my horrible work schedual heh


Try this thread and tagging @tionoll off the top of my head.

Also, this facebook group.


Some of us definitely are motivated by environmental concerns. (Speaking as an American you’re not going to interview, here, but there’ll be Scandinavians who feel the same.)


Okay sounds good!! Just let me know when is a good time for you!


Really! What are your concerns? Would be really interesting to speak to an american as well!


All this while i thought you were an australian :smile:


Swedish user here.
I’ve been using Soylent for the better part of 6 months now.
If you have any questions let me know.
I can also send you a bag of Soylent if you are interested in trying it out for you self.


@qentaur77 Hey!

Would love to interview you! If you don’t want to put your contact info down here - send me an email viola.gad at gmail.com.
Send me an email and we can continue our chat there! All best V