Sweet Memories :)


Here’s a throwback, v1.0. I decided to mix up a batch today…


Oil blend? Why don’t you just get a Commodore and code yourself an 8-bit to-do list. Or how about a Penny Farthing bike and a pocketwatch?

You sicken me


Sounds good to me. How did it taste?

I couldn’t afford the Commodore, but I have a Timex-Sinclair 1000 I bought at Kmart I could fire up. With the 16k extension!


I hope you paid for a hotel for everyone else in the house, I don’t miss the death farts


Good, sweet. Brought back some childhood memories of playing my Commodore 64 while sipping soylent, could go for days like that. Ah, the good old days.

@antiman77, never had that bonus. Some of you were sooo lucky.


Never owned a 6502 machine… But had several Tandy computers (including the model 1 originally with 4k ram 4k rom). I still have the Model 100 and even a PC-2 pocket computer (made by Sharp) that I still use daily! It’s got 2k ram (expandable to 6k total) and in its day had a little 4 color printer/plotter expansion…


That’s old school cool! :grinning:


Soylent is so retro-cool…


I believe every Commodore 64 purchase came with a free bag of Soylent.

I could be wrong about that, though…



I’m really glad I started after 2.0 had already come out. So glad I’m not mixing oil and powder. I consider you 1.x guys my guinea pigs, and I am forever in your debt for sticking with it.


Yep. 2.0 is GREAT. The only problem I have is paying to ship the water with it. Powder is so much cheaper.

When this all started, it was kind of fun listening to all the people on this forum telling us we were killing ourselves because Soylent was missing some magic something that was required to live. You don’t hear that anymore. Maybe the people who said it all died because the magic something was actually killing them?

We definitely were guinea pigs. I completely accepted that because I had been wanting something like this all my life. Most “real” food disgusts me. Probably 98% mental but it is still true.

Welcome to the club!


True, although in my case I’m still saving money on 2.0 compared to what I was paying for groceries.

I also agree about the emotional arguments that some people make about “legacy” food versus Soylent. At some point logic really aught to kick in, you know? I guess I’m also a guinea pig to them, and happily so.


None of us contemporary 1.x powder users are mixing oil in with powder. That stopped with 1.4 or so.


Of course. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. “1.x” refers to all powder versions, so naturally that would include everything that did require the oil to be mixed. I only meant to say that I’m glad I skipped all powder, including (and especially) the stuff that you early adopters used.


Yes, lots of us did mix oil with Soylent for quite some time. And happy to! Soylent’s improved, but even 1.0 was better than no Soylent.


And actually, I liked adding oil. I compared it to adding cream to coffee, not usually considered a terrible thing.


Shout out to all you kids who got a 30-minute upper body workout because you accidentally put the oil in before mixing the powder with water :muscle: