Switching Between Drink and Powder

Hi everyone!

I started Soylent as a way to try to work around some of my stomach issues. Heartburn, constant diarrhea, cramps, and excess gas was what I was dealing which the doctor thought might be IBS. We couldn’t figure out why the sensitivity was to.

I bought a week’s worth of the drink, a case of each Original, Nectar, and Cacao. I did those and felt great! While doing the drink, my stomach didn’t bother me any and (sorry for the gross thought) but my stools were basically smaller, but normal. The heartburn went away. The cramps stopped. I did notice that as the time got closer to the next drink, I was hungry, but then went right away with that lovely taste. And FYI, if I was a little richer, I’d order 50/50 of the Regular and Cacao. Nectar tastes like lemon pledge =(

I wanted to go further, but the cost is too high for the drink to be sustainable with the job I currently have, so I bought the powder to try it. Powder though… the taste is fine, but drinking it makes me feel bloated and have loose stools. No heartburn, and no cramps. I’ve done it for a week now and am still getting the same results. I’m wondering if anyone else a similar result? I realize they are formulated differently. I am considering adding some extra fiber to it, psyllium husk/metamucil, but I didn’t want to without asking the group at large. Not sure what to do about the bloating…

Otherwise though, I haven’t felt this decent in several years. I never thought I would find something that would make my stomach feel so much better. I love Soylent for that…

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Have you tried taking probiotics to help your gut flora adapt to the particular type of fiber in Soylent Powder?

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I had a very similar result, particularly with the positive affect the drink has on my digestion. I don’t care for the taste of the powder, so I only had a few meals of it – not long enough to know if the gas was a fluke.

Are you drinking Soylent as most of your meals? If it makes it affordable, you might try just one bottle a day, and regular food or powder for the rest. I dropped down to a single bottle a day (plus regular food) for many months, and that much Soylent still controlled my IBS almost 100%.

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If it makes you feel bloated, you might try drinking smaller, more frequent meals. Find out how much you can drink before you feel it in your stomach.

Hey guys! Yes I do take a priobiotic! I take the Phillips Colon Health every 3rd month.Several years back, my stomach started acting up and I had really bad diarrhea and cramps and more. Turned out I had gotten a pretty fun version of the flu that destroyed a huge chunk of my bacteria from all the diarrhea. I most likely could stop that by now as it should all be back to normal, but he didn’t say stop so I didn’t. He guessed that might have triggered my “possible” IBS, but mainly I just wanted the stomach issues to stop.

I’m trying to do 100%, but I’m still in the “but foooood” stage Working on that. Honestly, the taste is not bad. I’m a happy Southerner and can you believe that to me, it tastes like grits to me? I don’t mind it at all.

For the smaller meals, I’m doing it 4 times a day, 7, 11, 3, and 7. When I don’t eat a regular me and skip the 3 and 7, that is. I was already on a restricted diet so I was doing about 1750 in calories so this puts me at 1600 which has the added benefit of helping aim towards my goal of losing 30 pounds and making my cardio doctor happy.

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Have you had problems with heartburn in the past? (before soylent)

Unfortunately. My whole family has varying degrees of issues with it. I gave up soda and tomato sauce because of it.

I used to add some psyllium husk powder, and it really helped with the stool thing. But it also made me feel “fuller” for longer. (which is a main reason why I used it)


I agree with the suggestion of taking probiotics. I consume home made natural yoghurt and kefir for good gut health.